Military Grade Police Boats Can Secretly Monitor Boaters From 3 Miles Away

By MassPrivateI

Last year, police departments began using military-grade chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) detection patrol boats on America’s waterways.

As WorkBoat revealed, the Los Angeles Port Police began using MetalCraft Marine’s new $1.5 million CBRN detection patrol boat.

MetalCraft Marine has delivered a 43′ patrol boat to the Los Angeles Port Police. The vessel is a new breed of CBRN detection patrol boats. The $1.5 million Boat 42 was christened in February.

The LA Port police use powerful real-time CBRN detection units to secretly monitor innocent boaters from 3 miles away.

The boat has two very powerful CBRN detection units that are the highest-level state of the art detection systems available and are military grade. The RAD system was supplied by Radiation Plus. The RS-700 has a gamma and neutron detection system. The unit has an integrated controller and data acquisition system. The heart of the RS-700 is the proprietary advanced digital spectrometer (ADS) module.

The RAPIDplus chemical detector by Bruker is the second piece of this powerful CBRN patrol boat. It can automatically detect, identify and monitor all known chemical warfare agents and important toxic industrial chemicals at long distances of 3.1 miles.

MetalCraft’s selling point, is to turn police boats into real-time surveillance boats.

The software provides the user with enhanced visual surveillance and analytical displays overlaid on video with an extended substance library and increased detection capability.

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MetalCraft’s “High Speed Interceptor 4344 Patrol Boat” is a ‘state of the art military grade police boat’ equipped with an array of chemical and biological sensors.

The boat has two very powerful CBRN detection units that are the highest level state of the art detection systems available and are military grade.

Police vehicles can sometimes be equipped with cellphone surveillance devices like a Stingray, which if installed on police boats would turn them into military-grade surveillance platforms.

How invasive are police and Coast Guard surveillance boats?

Most Americans would be surprised to learn that for the past 17 years, the Coast Guard has warned the public that “there is no expectation of privacy for boaters.”

As a broadcast system (where communications are intended to be received by the public), there is no expectation of privacy with regard to any information transmitted on AIS. (To find out more click here.)

The Coast Guard’s “National Automatic Identification System” (NAIS) has effectively destroyed boaters’ privacy.

MetalCraft ‘s latest boat the “7M Interceptor Unmanned or Watcher” will take police boat surveillance to a whole new level.

credit: MetalCraft

As NNY 360 explains, the prototype 7M Interceptor was built for the U.S. Coast Guard.

The prototype unmanned vessel was built for the U.S. Coast Guard by MetalCraft Marine US, a Kingston, Ontario-based company that moved last summer into a Watertown plant on Fisher Road in the Jefferson County Corporate Park.

What makes this prototype so disturbing is that it allows the Coast Guard or law enforcement to use unmanned boats to secretly spy on innocent boaters.

With technology continuing to improve, the market for autonomous vessels is growing, with harbor security, surveillance, national security and the military as their largest potential uses.

History has shown, as technology continues to improve and become more affordable, law enforcement and Harbor Masters will eventually use it to monitor boaters everywhere.

Imagine a future where families are boating along the coast or on a lake during their vacation and an unmanned police surveillance boat secretly scans and monitors their every movement. Do you feel safer now?

It is hard for anyone but the most fervent police supporters to deny what law enforcement has become: a branch of the surveillance state led by DHS.

Source: MassPrivateI Blog

Top image: MetalCraft

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