“Metalhead” RoboDog Spotted Roaming a Street in Canada?

Activist Post Editor’s Note: We’ve been covering the many new ways that “Spot” – the Boston Dynamics/DARPA-funded robot dog – is being utilized by the military and U.S. police. However, Spot first made its appearance in day-to-day life when it was seen in Singapore helping to enforce social distancing and contact tracing.

The report below by RT has shocked many people who might have been completely unfamiliar with the possibility of robots on their city streets. It’s still unclear who Spot’s owner might be; the source of the original tweet states that this was seen in a northern Ontario “small city” and the “operator was off camera.” These dogs are now commercially available for $75,000 each in Europe and Canada, so it’s possible that it has a private owner.

Lastly, in an age of easy video fakery, we should look for additional verification beyond this single tweet. Regardless, consider this a public service announcement about the verified reality of RoboDogs – after the normalization phase to get people accustomed to seeing these on their streets, the next step will likely be to equip them with tasers and perhaps even more lethal weapons. It would be wise to contact your local police now and find out what their position is on the use of these military devices in your community.

‘Shoot on sight’: Boston Dynamics robot dog spotted out on city street triggers fear — and defensiveness

Video of a Boston Dynamics Spot robot dog apparently wandering a city street on its own has struck terror into the hearts of social media users — though some defended the ‘bot, pointing out humans can hurt each other without help.

A Canadian Twitter user posted video of the four-legged yellow robot ambling down the sidewalk on Thursday, though it’s not clear where it was actually filmed. The person taking the footage, though initially startled, opts for a friendly approach, addressing the quadruped with “Hello friend!

The dog-bot turns toward the cameraperson and appears to snap a photo before walking away.

Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs have been deployed in Singapore to enforce social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic, and some US police departments have acquired their own, causing consternation among civil liberties groups. However, the four-legged model has been available to the public since June for anyone with $74,500 to buy one, meaning this particular Spot might have belonged to a private citizen.

The clip polarized social media users, many of whom were filled with horror at the sight of the seemingly autonomous metal canine. “Shoot on sight,” one said succinctly.

Many commented on Spot’s disarmingly cute appearance. “I hate this but I also kinda wanna sit on top of its back & go for a ride,” one user tweeted.

More than a few were reminded of the Black Mirror episode “Metalhead” — literally inspired by Boston Dynamics’ products — in which armed and extremely persistent robot dogs hunt and kill humans in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

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