U.S. Municipalities Are Powerless Against Big Telecom Thanks to the FCC

By B.N. Frank

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a long history of NOT protecting the public from the telecom industry. They have become more despicable since Trump took office (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8). Lawsuits have been filed against the agency for NOT protecting Americans from unsafe levels of radiation as well as 5G deployment on the ground (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and in space.

In addition to filing lawsuits, American municipalities have passed resolutions to ban installation until studies prove it’s safe (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and ordinances to limit and/or control installation. State representatives in Hawaii and Illinois have also introduced 5G bills. But none of this matters to the FCC.

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5G Juggernaut: FCC and Big Telecom Squash City Sovereignty

Do cities have any autonomy in regulating or negotiating with telecom carriers over 5G towers? Nope. The Federal Appeals Court’s decision will save telecom carriers over $2 billion in local fees. This is a major Technocrat victory over local sovereignty.

The Trump Administration is racing to implement 5G and the Internet of Things, both of which are major requirements for the implementation of Technocracy. The loss of local sovereignty is a major breakdown of the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees the states a republic form of government. ⁃ TN Editor

A battle between dozens of city governments and some of the world’s largest wireless carriers over the future of 5G infrastructure appears to have ended with a decisive victory for the telecom companies.

This week, a federal appeals court in San Francisco upheld a 2018 decision made by the Federal Communications Commission that prohibited local governments from imposing excessive regulations on wireless carriers seeking to deploy 5G. The decision capped local fees for the installation of “small cell” towers, hoping to spur the rollout of the next-generation wireless networks.

Dozens of cities and municipalities sued the FCC over the ruling in 2018 — most prominently Portland, Ore., though cities as far flung as San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Kirkland, Texas, added their names to the complaint against the federal agency.

Though 5G promises accelerated Internet speeds and other innovations, many communities have bristled at the rollout of 5G because of the quantity of “small cell” signal transmitters that would need to be attached to public telephone poles throughout each community.

Unlike traditional networks, 5G relies on short-range wireless transmission systems, requiring the installation of myriad “small cell” towers. Indeed, the FCC has projected that for 5G to truly blossom it will require the installation of some 800,000 small cells throughout the U.S. in the coming years.

Many communities have objected to the rollout of these towers and, in some cases imposed large fees against the wireless carriers.

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American opposition to 5G is not limited to biological and environmental risks (see 1, 2) from radiation. Federal agencies and other experts have warned that 5G can threaten national security, public safety, and weather forecasting accuracy (see 1, 2, 3). There is so much controversy surrounding 5G that Trump recently withdrew his re-nomination of a veteran FCC commissioner because of it.

In 2019, telecom executives gave congressional testimony that they had NO scientific evidence that 5G is safe. Also in 2019 The World Health Organization predicted that high levels of Electromagnetic Radiation exposure (aka “Electrosmog”) could lead to health issues in 30% of the population.

Since 2018, there have been reports of people and animals becoming sick where 5G was installed and turned on (see 1, 2, 3, 4). Of course, other sources of wireless emit harmful radiation too. Nevertheless, cities worldwide AND entire countries have taken action to ban, delay, halt, and limit 5G installation AS WELL AS issue moratoriums (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). The majority of scientists worldwide are also opposed to deployment until studies show that it’s safe.

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