Anonymous Launches New Operation Against Blue Whale Suicide Game

By Aaron Kesel

The international hacktivist collective Anonymous has launched another operation against Blue Whale, a sick suicide game that first originated years ago.

Back in 2017, the deplorable “game” first caught popularity, taking the internet by storm. Although, the game has existed much longer than that. Blue Whale encourages vulnerable depressed young teens to commit suicide in a series of tasks meant to make the person more and more depressed as days go on.

The challenge works like this, according to Anonymous teens who follow the hashtags — #BlueWhale, #bluewhaleChallenge, #BluewhaleGame #I_am_Whale #FindCurator, #f57, #f40 or #ImaWhale and others, on social media websites. Originally, the scary trend started on VK. These hashtags are used to get in touch with an operator or curator of the game. An admin then contacts them to play the sick dark game by telling them to click on a link which then logs their IP address.

Blue Whale requires teens to accomplish tasks given to them by an operator for 50 days, brainwashing them to do such acts as harming themselves, sleeping and waking up at odd times, listening to depressing music, watching horror movies, and even killing someone else for the amusement of the curator. After all tasks are completed, teens are told to kill themselves by their “master.”

During one of the tasks teenagers are instructed to use a knife or razor to make the shape of a whale on their wrist or leg, Russian reports state.

The disturbed curators threaten participants of the “game” that “they will kill them and their parents if they don’t obey” their commands.

At the time in 2017, it was reported that the game had allegedly claimed more than 130 young lives in Russia and is suspected to have been responsible for 300 deaths worldwide, Dailymail previously reported. However, there is a reported arrest of an administrator going all the way back to 2016.

A suspected administrator of Blue Whale, Philipp Budeikinan, 21, was arrested in connection with Blue Whale in 2016 and was charged with creating eight separate suicide groups associated with the game. Still many allege that the original creator of the game was a man named Jonathan Galindo.

The game returned in 2018 with the Momo Challenge briefly however that was falsely reported to be a hoax.

This sick game that won’t die seems to be back in another incarnation, this time under the name of its alleged creator, Jonathan Galindo. Although, the rules are basically the same with self-harm and taking one’s own life as the final task. Anonymous has found that accounts are being made en masse with the name “Jonathan Galindo” on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media platforms like Discord.

Heavy even reports that the game is on Instagram with dozens of accounts named Jonathan Galindo popping up on the site. Twitter and Instagram users alike have both said they’re receiving DMs from people who claim to be associated with the Blue Whale challenge, including anonymous “Jonathan Galindo” accounts with a dog face. If you receive any messages from accounts related to either name, it’s best to just block them.

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Instagram has decided to put a warning on the hashtag “#Bluewhale” when users search for it. However, there are other tags associated with the game that haven’t been given the same warning.

This author also personally saw a Telegram channel with tons of users in it which were sharing very disturbing videos and pictures associated with Blue Whale. This reporter reached out to famed lawyer Jay Leiderman after an admin on Telegram stated it would need a legal letter to remove the channel, despite the channel being used by a group to potentially operate the Blue Whale “game.”

The online game has been known by a number of different names including — A Sea Of Whales, A Silent House, Wake Me Up At 4:20 A.M.

If you or someone you love is considering suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, available 24 hours every day: 1-800-273-8255. An online chat is also available.

I sat down with a representative of OpBlueWhale, an Anonymous operation, to discuss the ongoing goal of eliminating this game and finding its curators.

AK: What is Blue Whale and Jonathan Galindo? How did you first discover this sick twisted “game?”

OpBlueWhale: The game is set for 50 days and the final task is suicide. Tasks include — cutting hands, climbing cranes or even killing someone.

I discovered it when many people decided to talk about this horrific game and now it’s back.

AK: Have you found the operators of this sick game?

OpBlueWhale: Well we as @OpBlueWhale haven’t, but the police has. Many operators have been sent to jail. The game is mainly played in Russia, it is solely about youth suicide. The Anonymous have made a video on the subject and plan to make some moves, the operator gets your information in different ways after you say that you’d like to play, they also threaten to DOX and DDOS you if you back out. Some operators reportedly sent out death threats to players’ families…

AK: What is OpBlueWhale’s goal?

OpBlueWhale: Our goal is to wipe out Blue Whale operators, completely. Join us in #OpBlueWhale #BlueWhale

AK: Have any other operators been named and arrested?

OpBlueWhale: That’s a good question. I currently can’t answer that because it’s beyond what I know.

AK: What can people do to stop this game?

OpBlueWhale: They can watch each other’s backs and report the game curators; however, reporting curators kills our ability to track them.

AK: Where have you found this game being played?

OpBlueWhale: Telegram, Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, everywhere; even TikTok has Jonathan Galindo accounts. We are tracking all of these social media websites to protect children.

AK: Thanks for doing this interview and speaking about this horrific game.

OpBlueWhale: You are welcome.

AK: Any final messages?

OpBlueWhale: Yes, if you are found to be a curator of this game by us, we will ruin you like you seek to ruin other’s lives. No one is safe. We don’t forgive and we don’t forget, to Blue Whale you should have expected us.

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Aaron Kesel writes for Activist Post.

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