Fiber for 5G: It’s Not Safe AND It Requires Boxes Buried Underground Sometimes in Front of Homes

By B.N. Frank

Fiber being installed for 5G is sometimes referred to as “Dark Fiber.”  It’s being installed all over the U.S.  It’s not safe AND it can be unattractive.

From CBS Denver: 

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) — A woman in Adams County says a utility crew installed a 5G box in her front yard without any warning — and left behind a mess.

“So one day the crews just showed up and they didn’t even knock on the door and tell me they’re going to put the box in,” Hailey Nguyen told CBS4’s Jacqueline Quynh. That was on April 30.

The crew told her the utility box going in at the end of her yard was related to 5G service.

“For a big cellphone carrier company something,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen said she found permits for past utility installations but has not been able to find one this time.

“When you do something, you need to send the letter before you start doing it.”

On top of that, Nguyen said the crews left metal sticking out, tire tracks across her yard, and dirt across parts of her lawn.

CBS4 contacted Adams County and their communications director told us the work was permitted.

In an email, Christa Bruning explained “It is not required that contractors notify residents of work done on county right-of-ways, though it’s common practice.”

However the county agreed the front yard was not returned to its original condition, so the contractor was called and crews returned Thursday to fix it. It was still not complete on Friday morning.

Meanwhile, Nguyen questions what could happen in the future.

“We the residents will have to clean up their mess.”

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5G opposition is worldwide.  Cities AND countries have taken action to ban, delay, and halt deployment due to health and safety risks and warnings (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9, 10).  Many respected American government agencies are also unhappy about 5G.  This includes the Departments of Defense, Energy, and Transportation, NASA, NOAA, and the U.S. Navy (see 1, 2).

Congress members have asked that installation be slowed down during the pandemic.  Instead, The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – which is not a health or environmental agency – is speeding it up on land as well as in space (see 1, 2, 3).  Lawsuits have been filed against the agency for NOT protecting the public from unsafe levels of radiation (see 1, 2) as well as 5G.

Activist Post reports regularly about 5G and other unsafe technology.  For more information visit our archives and the following websites.

Image: Pixabay
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