Nurses Rock! But Not When They Wear Activity Trackers That Exposure Vulnerable Patients to Radiation

By B.N. Frank

If you haven’t heard – it’s National Nurses Appreciation Week.  Sick humans can become really helpless and messy and nurses still chose a vocation that requires them to be “hands on” with patients.  You get the oozy stinky picture, right?  Nurses definitely deserve our appreciation.

We can all probably agree that some nurses are more nurturing than others.  Unfortunately, when they wear Fitbits, smartwatches, and other activity trackers, they are not just exposing themselves to harmful electromagnetic radiation.  They are also exposing their patients, and that’s not nurturing at all.

Research has determined that 5G, Bluetooth, cell phone radiation and WiFi can compromise health in many undesirable and even life-threatening ways.  Doctors and scientists had been recommending that we reduce our exposure to all sources of Electromagnetic Radiation (aka “Electrosmog”) long before the World Health Organization (WHO) decided that cell phone radiation was “possibly carcinogenic”.  Adding insult to literal injury – no “safe” level of wireless radiation has even been determined for children or pregnant women.

It wasn’t that long ago that doctors and nurses were allowed to smoke in medical facilities.  Some of them even smoked with their patients and provided them with cigarettes.  It’s laughable now but it was commonplace then.  Some doctors and nurses were even paid spokespeople for tobacco products.  They claimed that they had “health benefits”.  Again – it’s laughable now but maybe more so for those whose quality of life wasn’t too obviously compromised by it.

Nurses and all other health care workers should NOT be allowed to care for patients while wearing RF transmitting devices.  It’s crazy enough that most of them walk around with smartphones in their pockets, medical facilities saturate their buildings with other WiFi-emitting devices, and doctors still prescribe hackable wireless radiating medical implants.

Appreciating nurses is not a requirement.  But you may feel differently if they all start being replaced by robots with cold steely hands (see 1, 2).

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