Speak Honestly — Break The Spell

By Sylvain Lamoureux

Euphemisms – the lies we tell ourselves to accept and justify something uncomfortable.

Remember George Carlin and his bit on euphemisms?

One of the things which I have noticed go rampant of this entire escapade, is the language used to divert responsibility (blame).

You hear it when people talk of losing their livelihood due to this ‘lockdown’ (fascist takeover); “I lost my job because of C-V”. When a truer statement would be “I lost my job when the government instilled ‘lockdown'”.

As I am writing this, a headline in ‘alternative’ media reads: “What to Do If You’ve Lost Your Job Due to COVID-19”.

I think it would be far more honest if it read: “What to Do If You’ve Lost Your Job Due to the government mandating a shutdown of nonessential commerce and labor.”

Same goes with “The economy was ruined by C-V”. Where the truth would be “The economy was ruined by the government initiating a ‘lockdown’ and halt to commerce.” Some may say that it is an unavoidable consequence, but that sounds a lot like collateral damage to me.

I have mentioned before about the continued use of the language of war and how it helps to keep us ‘in place’. Are we not all “Spiritual Warriors” you may ask? That just implies to me that the ‘Spiritual Plane’ is yet another place fraught with War – yippee, can’t wait to get there. And for me, a ‘War of Love’ is like a ‘Peace Bomb’; they only exist in the lies of our mind.

Most believe that the Iraq War was because of 9/11 instead of espousing that it was about ‘(s)elected’ officials lying to the public and never being taken to account for those crimes.

Do you see where I am going with this? We can choose to communicate using the same language which loses all power and acquiesces us to victimhood and slavery; or we can change our programming by actually teaching ourselves how to communicate honestly, with ourselves and with others, and freeing ourselves of the mind bondage which we have accepted throughout the course of our lives.

How many things in life could be said to ‘encourage’ cheating or lying? I’ll go for the obvious: “Honey, do I look fat in these pants?”. Now everyone knows that one, and that the ‘obvious’ response to most is “No” without hesitation. But is it really? What do we teach our own minds when we do that simple little thing of ‘sparing’ someone’s feelings and knowingly lie?

What if I were to respond with “Yes they do”, does that make me an honest person or a ‘bad’ person?

And there we are, confused about which classification to put it into. Perhaps one begins the transformation by realizing the categories of “good/bad, nice/not nice” etc. are simply things which limit our ability to truly discern information by bringing everything down to “this or that”. Has the grey matter between our ears forgotten that there is a lot of grey area from which discovery emerges?

Being honest begins with being honest with self, but the tricky part is that you may have to be honest with others to succeed in breaking your own defenses (the program is strong). It will be excruciating when you see yourself in another but it will be liberating to begin to be honest with yourself and break apart that which enslaves us all; our minds.

It is evident now that the ‘war’ which the psychopaths at the top waged upon humanity is indeed for the mind and that they fear that we could break free at any moment; well that moment is NOW!

For think of the consequences of a prolonged ‘lockdown’. The exponential growth of apathy fueled by a never ending string of accepted justifications for fewer freedoms. Solitary confinement to ensure compliance without resistance. Frustration growing as ‘new’ cases are discovered among those which refused to obey. Remember, “They can tell us Anything” as they control the narrative.

I fear that this leads to the other end of that spectrum which is NEVER.

The aggregate population euphemize and forget even what they have experienced in their short past, let alone what transpired outside of their immediate bubble. And we see this now, as their ‘accepted’ fear (for it was projected) rally the ignorant in, to focus on a single issue; malleable upon a whim.

Notice the madness around washing the hands and think about this:

Washing the hands goes great with a guilt complex and since guilt and shame is the basis of our collective program we have to shed that. The program has been reinforced over the years through many subtle and direct ploys such as ‘overpopulation’, ‘climate change’, etc. Notice how they are still pumping it out as the world is so much better ‘naturally’ now that humans have ‘stopped’; little things here and there which make us feel guilty for being alive.

Now is the time to revel in the human spirit, not to cower in fear of each other. Now is the time to speak honestly and see honesty when it is presented to you. Discard the lies of the mind because they were never yours in the first place and don’t accept those projected in your direction; be strong.

Don’t fear your neighbor, love them. Do not let the psychopaths ‘socially distance’ themselves from being the true perpetrators of ALL crimes against humanity, including this one while pitting everyone else against each other. We must stop lying to ourselves and excusing their actions.

There is so much power in honesty.

No matter how many times one washes their hands, one cannot wash away stupid.

out, out damn spot

Source: My Mind and The World

Image: Truthstream Media

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