Return To ‘Normal’? — Demand Better!

By Sylvain Lamoureux

This is an opportunity if the human race can see it and seize the moment.

One where people have the time to reflect on what this ‘life’ really has become under our watch. This is the time to honestly see what it is we have wrought and leave for our children. This is a time to be honest about our fears which keep us locked up on so many levels. Are we (as a species) up to the task? Or will it be ‘business as usual’?

This is the huge risk that the ‘rulers’ have taken at this time, one which they are not too worried about for they believe the masses too well indoctrinated and conditioned to question anything.

People are beginning to feel the pressures of the ‘lockdown’ initiated by the ‘ruling class’ and their minions though. They are demanding a return to ‘normal’ in their screams; I say NO to NORMAL! – DEMAND BETTER!

Here is a short list of what we, as a species, have deemed ‘normal’:

Putting the meaning of life within a construct owned by a few. Money and economy has been the mantra for as long as I care to remember, cementing within the populace mind its ‘importance’ in our personal lives. Money is supposed to be a tool, that is it. Human evolution into something better is the goal of an ‘intelligent’ species, not taking money from one pocket to put into mine simply to survive.

With the belief that Money and Economy are all important, this has given control of everything which is required by life to a few. I think we can do better.

We have organized life on this planet based on living in fear of government instead of the democratic reverse through a system based upon “Obey or be Punished” usually through monetary means.

A system of ‘government’ which nickle and dimes you to death, draining your life credits, while purporting to ‘protect’ you. Am I the only one which sees this as the definition of extortion?

Media of all kinds are used to coerce your mind into accepting the propaganda and social manipulation while encouraging one to propagate it at the ‘grassroots’ level. People from the bottom up pushing their programmed ‘morality’ and fears upon others while spreading animosity is the outcome.

An ‘education’ system used to program a ‘better’ citizen which doesn’t ask too many questions, which is capable of completing assigned tasks and perhaps even thinking outside the first box to ‘innovate’.

Raising our children with a dependence on external validation and encouragement which robs them of their independence.

Dumbing down society to the point where most people do not know how to do the most basic of things such as how to learn rather than be trained. People get so used to being told what to do that they don’t really know how to determine for themselves what to do for everything is now out of their ‘scope’.

Encouraging a loss of imagination through ‘technology’ and dimming the sparks of creativity which could lead us forward.

Fomenting ‘destructive’ capitalism which encourages enormous waste and blatant disregard for workmanship and people.

Division of the population on every level I can think of and now forbidden to be with your aged parents for their protection.

Love bombing ‘developing’ nations because anything different is considered a threat or can at least be sold that way. For what else are we to do with all the armaments manufactured over the decades.

We could move into the ‘new normal’ and see DNA collection for DNA ‘vaccines’ to do whatever magical stuff they are designed to do.

An increased “psychic driving” of the fear powered by the media spouting their propaganda while making you obedient.

Being watched as you are shopping so as not to get to close and smile or talk or do anything social. The social damage this is doing is mind boggling.

This is but a short and very incomplete list of the things which can easily be seen to need changing within our ‘chosen’ way of life. As I mentioned before, honesty is the key to the way out so check your programmed ego at the door.

If you too are tired of living a ‘same shyte different day’ kinda life, be honest, look yourself in the mirror and see what you are without feeling sorry for yourself for this is not time for a pity party.

Now, demand better. It starts with you, not with the government, not with a saviour, not with anything external; It Starts With You! What are you going to put up with? Want do you want to leave for the generations to come? Don’t you think its time for real change from the grassroots? You know what’s going on here, it’s just wrong, on a HUMAN level.

So take back your private space (mind) and march into the public space to demand better without fear. Time to fire the lot of them.

Source: My Mind and The World

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