Lawyer Don Lewis Exposes Marc Dreier Fraud Redo

By Aaron Kesel

Not too long ago, NY Attorney at Law Don Lewis jumped at the opportunity to join an up and coming firm named Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price and Hecht (PB) that was originally based in California; and had begun to expand nationwide.

Unfortunately, Lewis getting in early with PB law firm turned into a disaster that others now note was the PB firm trying to repeat NY lawyer Marc Dreier’s footsteps in fraud. Essentially, PB becoming Marc Dreier version 2.

According to Law Fuel, the firm stated in May 2019 that “[Lewis’s] allegations of unethical and dishonest business practices. . . if true, would constitute criminal activity” and Pierce was warned by an outside attorney in the summer of 2018:  “[John] [t]rying to…build a major NYC firm overnight is hugely risky…The last person who tried…was Marc Dreier. He ended up in jail.”

Don Lewis received reports for the firm’s bookkeeper that firm leader John Pierce was reportedly tampering with client escrow accounts;; and, when the honest Don Lewis cried foul, PB decided it would be easier to try to destroy Don Lewis’s career – rather than stop doing its illegal wrong acts, Law Fuel reported.

However, the plan to destroy Don Lewis, by slander, did not work so well. Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP who curiously represents Michael Avenatti and Rudy Giuliani, was able to beguile other firms like Littler Mendelson (S. Jeanine Conley) and Putney Twombly (Michael D. Yim) to be a tool, weaponized in a #MeToo legal fashion, against Don Lewis as retaliation for Don Lewis blowing the whistle on PB firm’s financial misconduct.

Since Don Lewis’ whistleblower saga began, certain material facts have come to light where Lewis has alleged that partners Christopher N. LaVigne and Denver G. Edwards have lied under oath.

Meanwhile, smarter partners and associates are abandoning the sinking fraud ship.

Notably, Mark Mukasey has filed to withdraw as PB’s counsel, suggesting ethical concerns of his continued representation.

Lewis also noted that Pierce and his partner, GC Carolynn Beck, told a litigation financier (Pravati) one of their cases had a prospective value of $1,000,000,000.00 to secure funding.

The case was thrown out 15 months later with $0.00 recovered.

Named partner David Hecht boasted about violating ethical rules.  Hecht is no longer with the firm, and has scrubbed its name from his LinkedIn.

The firm’s partner Pierce was reportedly recently put on leave for seemingly Ponzi scheme like financial shenanigans.

Additionally, PB’s General Counsel, Carolynn Beck, has been accused of deleting evidence and complicity in Pierce’s illicit self-dealing.

Latest reports are that there are a total of 17 partners who have recently quit, as this fraud ship sinks.

Lewis proclaims that in over three years, the self-proclaimed “Next Generation of Litigation Excellence,” has one reported trial victory, and three convicted felons as clients.

It appears that Don Lewis has sued the PB firm, along with Littler Mendelson and Putney Twombly, and the firm’s respective partners Michael Yim and Jeanine Conley, and that Lewis is going to lose out on getting anything from PB – like everybody else left sitting in the brig of the sinking ship.

As for the individuals at PB, who lied to protect the bad faith, along with those at the other firms who aided and abetted the slander against Don Lewis, those parties had better have real good insurance, or settle real fast; otherwise Don Lewis will likely get them for everything they’ve got.

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