Children of Crisis

By Sylvain Lamoureux

One could feel the build up for decades; all the conditioning of fear, panic and reaction culminating into any ‘real’ reason to finally buy toilet paper.

I have asked the question before: “What do you get when you treat the populace like moron children their entire lives?”

Now perhaps I should define what being treated like moron children is, so here are a few examples:

  • Having to ask permission for many things in life (permits, licences). Think about how many ‘permission slips’ you carry about with you or possess.
  • Warning labels everywhere – did you know that it takes 3 labels warning me not to cut off my fingers on my miter saw? Think about how many a child today will see in their lifetime:  WARNING!
  • Certifications and courses for everything – so many things I do ‘illegally’. “Papers please, show me your papers.”
  • Always having to prove your identity – I knew things were askew when my ‘Birth Certificate’ (approved by a marriage licence) was “no longer valid”??? Papers again.
  • Being ‘nudged’ through life within a system of obedience or punishment.

To believe you are free and live in fear of your ‘democratic’ government is not freedom. This aspect has never sat right with me and it should not for anyone.

For those who state that they do not fear their government: think about that the next time that you receive a notice for an audit from the tax hand. Or perhaps when you get one of those speed radar photos in the mail, think about how you don’t fear them as you slow down around that area.

The answer then, to the question at the beginning, of course, is moron children, who fear the consequences and doesn’t ask too many questions and are very petulant and egocentric in their nature as adults.

On many levels I am still a moron child but I am working on that.

Now, how handy would it be to have a populace of reactionary, fearful moron children as its base?

One could think of the current ‘crisis’ (one corona, two corona, three corona, four) and the basket of ‘conspiracies’ which have been talked about over the last decade (or more) and see which ones are rapidly becoming mainstream topics as ‘solutions’ to stem the inevitable ‘fate’ of the crisis de jour otherwise…(eek)

New Word Order checklist sorts of things such as:

  • Mandatory vaccines
  • Internment camps (quarantine)
  • Cashless society
  • World economy (destroy current) – one currency (digital)
  • World government
  • Surveillance
  • Censorship
  • DNA gathering
  • Travel restrictions
  • Universal Basic Income
  • Depopulation (aged)
  • Global ID (tied to vaccinations)
  • Global climate disaster? (what’s it called this year?)

Now, I would think that in order to achieve every one of these (and many more) in one fell swoop it would take some pretty awesome finagling, and that it does work well with the conditioned ‘traits’ instilled within the public psyche (the children). Traits such as:

Fear – fear based on ignorance, nothing to see here, move along, but if one person dies of a ‘virus’, does the whole world need to hear about it? – Why YES, of course!

Xenophobia – the crises sure seem to come from the ‘outside’ a lot.

Separation (division) – make sure to keep up that ‘social distancing’. After all, who would want to exchange information at the grocery store or hug a neighbor? Divide and conquer in ignorance works best.

Short attention span – (did I lose you already?) see above

Snitches – sure do love to ‘turn people in’ – “He was on America’s Most Wanted after all and I gotta protect my family”.

Competitiveness – brought to ridiculous levels of having to be ‘first’, damn the consequences (what were those industry studies regarding the safety of 5G technology again? Oh, right, there aren’t any).

Jealousy, Shame, Guilt, Anger – these mind games have been played on our entire collective upbringing on one level or another; the populace is well versed.

Narcissism – “I am special and important and woke and intelligent because I have a (insert piece of ‘official’ documentation here)”.

Apathy – and then they came for who? (From WHO?)

Collectivism – “Well, if everyone says it, it must be true”.

State-ism – there’s always the government to ‘take care of things’ while we just get on with our lives as dictated by our masters who will protect us from anything bad (What’s badder than bad? See how the dumbing down works?).

BELIEF – now this is a huge one. Not only does one have to maintain a level (varying) of belief in all the traits above (without knowing it) but one must also, and this is the big one, maintain a belief in their programmed ‘self’ (more on that at a later date), and that is the ‘cement’ which holds it all together.

All of those ‘admirable’ traits combined with a lack of courtesy, consideration, common sense (logic) and ability to communicate (listen). Could it be conditioned, desired?

Now throw in a media which is owned and operated by the same big-shots which are at the helm of our ‘democratic’ governments, pounding out whatever messages and ‘information’ they want at you while holding back whatever they want you to ‘miss’. And please don’t forget that there are plenty of ‘alt’ media which pumps out information which will leave one spinning their wheels (to be polite); you know who you are (wink).

One thing which seems pretty obvious is that it is time to crumble the ‘global economy’ (wait, did I miss a memo? Is the ‘economy’ already officially global?) while placating the herd; give them their Universal Basic Income and let them smoke government approved (and taxed) cannabis and watch as we cement their contract for life (no matter how short that may be bwahahahaha). Austerity and fear is our ‘new’ way of life (new?) so buckle up.

I’m going to say that I don’t think that this is ‘the one’ (if there is such a thing), the ‘event’ that ‘we’ have been ‘prepping’ for but this is part of the overall ‘change’ which the collective has experienced in the last 2 decades (and more); just not the change they were hoping for. This ‘crisis’ can be prolonged for a while and it will instill some permanent conditioning into the collective psyche, but the people will grow weary and will need to rest for the next one. Little by little, bit by bit.

It shall remain interesting to see how the public will react after a prolonged period of time (taking into account that 2 weeks for many is prolonged). Also, as others have questioned – what is still going on in the background of all the ‘news’ being focused on one agenda? And how shall this be tied into other ‘crises’ of our times?

If I’m wrong, and this is a move for all the marbles (all? that bag has been dipped into many times), we’ll see what’s left on the other side.

This is still an internal battle – none of this exists without our collective belief that money equals life, that government is going to save us, that voting matters, that someone has a right to dictate what you put into your body, that someone has a right to dictate where and when you may travel, that someone has the right to dictate which plants may or may not be grown, that any of that has anything to do with what PEOPLE we can be. See through the programmed self and release the FREE ME because no one else is going to do it for you and I can’t do it without you.

I’ve mentioned it before in my writings, know thyself, take an honest look and admit your culpability and commit to change it. Live FREE – Free YOURSELF!

Article source: My Mind and the World

Image: Pixabay

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