U.S. Military Plans Bases For Quarantine; Leaked Funeral Home Phone Call Offers More Evidence China Is Lying

By Aaron Kesel

The U.S. military is preparing to use military installations near 11 major airports to house up to 220 U.S. citizens quarantined due to the novel coronavirus, according to a Department Of Defense statement. Meanwhile, a leaked phone conversation out of China provides yet more evidence that the death toll is higher than is being reported.

The U.S. is preparing for the virus spread, which World Health Organization head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated is just the “tip of the iceberg overseas.” Ghebreyesus, urged all countries to “step up efforts to prepare” for the international spread of coronavirus and encouraged leaders to share information about the outbreak in “real time” with the U.N.’s agency for public health.

According to reports, the U.S. is looking into opening as many as 14 military bases in the USA as quarantine facilities. Statements by Defense Secretary Mark Esper on February 6, 2020 indicate that these military bases could house additional passengers coming from China “should (the existing) HHS facilities become filled,” Military.com reported.

The proposed quarantine installations are as follows:

  • Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii
  • Great Lakes Training Center Navy Base, Illinois
  • Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, Texas
  • Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Georgia
  • Fort Hamilton, New York
  • Naval Base Kitsap, Washington
  • Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, Washington, D.C.
  • Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey
  • Fort Custer Training Center, Michigan

Current existing facilities include — March Air Reserve Base and Travis Air Force Base, California, Fort Carson in Colorado; Lackland Air Force Base in Texas; and, most recently, Camp Ashland in Nebraska. A BuzzFeed article seems to show poor quarantine practices already taking place at the March Base; quarantined individuals are seen outside with no masks, no gloves, and even a buffet table.

“Under the HHS request, support at each location will be limited to providing housing support for up to 20 people as they undergo a period of quarantined observation,” the Pentagon said.

Further, once these people are in quarantine, military and DoD personnel are forbidden from direct contact with evacuees from China. The same policy applies to all current and future bases being used for the quarantine effort.

According to the DoD statement, HHS will continue to be responsible for all care, transportation and security of these evacuees. The DoD did not provide information whether these bases would be used for a larger quarantine effort if more cases were to rise in the U.S.

The State Department has raised its travel advisory recommendation to ”do not travel” to China; and especially to Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak. On Jan. 23, the State Department ordered the departure of all non-emergency U.S. personnel and their families from the Chinese province of Wuhan.

The official statistics of deaths, recoveries and confirmed cases according to China have come under scrutiny time and time again as Activist Post previously reported. Now, we have a new leaked phone conversation between an NTD investigative reporter and a Wuhan funeral home official which deepens those worries.

In the interview, an unknown NTD reporter asked (with a masked voice) a funeral home worker several questions about how many bodies they were getting, and other topics. Of those responses, the ones that were the most shocking revealed they had burned 116 bodies of 127 received on February 3rd, and only 8 cases were counted towards pneumonia and the coronavirus deaths — that’s only 6%.

The bombshell interview also exposed that of the high number of bodies only 48 of them were suspected cases. The worker further detailed that only 38% were from hospitals and majority of cases – up to 61% – were people who passed away in their homes and not at a hospital, which means it’s possible that some of these cases never even received a diagnosis. You can watch the full interview below.

China has before been accused of lying to the public about the figures of those infected by many sources like the Wall Street Journal, and even Chinese media, which was censored for spreading that thought. China recently censored a media outlet called Caijing, which is one of the most reputable outlets in the country. In the article, the authors claim that China has significantly under reported both the cases and deaths, especially among the elderly. (archive) (translation)

There is also a report by the Wall Street Journal that Chinese doctors are saying coronavirus cases are pneumonia or another sickness to hide the official count. Yahoo News also reports that Wuhan officials are cremating deceased coronavirus victims before they can be added to the official death toll.

Another crematorium worker in the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak revealed the long working hours he and his colleagues are putting in to transfer bodies from hospitals and private homes, adding it’s up to 100 body bags a day. The bodies are collected from Wuhan’s three main hospitals plus other small hospitals, as well as private residences according to the whistle blower.

“Since Jan. 28th, 90 percent of our employees are working 24/7 … we couldn’t go back home,” Yun told The Epoch Times.

Even experts have disputed the numbers in China and worldwide, stating that more than 100,000 people could have been infected with the virus as of January 26th, the same date that Tencent may have screwed up publishing the “real” statistics, The Guardian reported.

Suspected cases alleged from the Tencent app in China allude to the number of deaths being around 25,000 and number of confirmed cases at 150,000, as Activist Post reported. These figures would fit with the allegation by two different crematoriums that 100 bodies are being burned per day, and that number of bodies being burned can be corroborated with the extremely high-level of sulfur dioxide coming out of Chinese cities.

If the numbers from the alleged Tencent leak prove to be accurate, it would put this coronavirus mortality rate at almost 16%. By comparison, SARS’ mortality rate was 9.6%.

At the time of this report the official number of people dead surpassed SARS, at 1,018, 4,284 recovered and a total of 43,138 cases worldwide according to the Johns Hopkins map.

Symptoms of the coronavirus include a fever, cough, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties. However, according to Chinese state media, some are not experiencing any of these symptoms and are instead experiencing nausea, diarrhea, tiredness, bad concentration, headache, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, cornea inflammation, and muscular pains in the limbs, back, and waist.

Beyond that, German doctors have now determined the virus has the ability to stick on surfaces and objects for at least up to 9 days. China has also announced that the virus is airborne with a potential rare incubation rate of 24 days. However, some estimates are much higher with the Global Times reporting that one woman who was infected in Wuhan didn’t start showing symptoms until a massive 42 days later.

Best preventive measures include washing your hands, and avoiding public places where someone may be sick, according to the CDC.

The U.S. is now preparing for the outbreak as best as they can. However, another problem seems to be looming, and that’s the issue that most hospital drugs and surgical masks are produced in China. There are only approximately a total of 6,146 hospitals according to data collected in 2018 by the American Hospital Association. Although, not all these hospitals may be equipped to deal with such a viral outbreak.

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