Israel and Iran in Dead Heat Weapons Race

By Janet Phelan

Israel is developing a laser weapons defense system that may end up neutralizing most of her airborne security threats.

The Iron Beam, which utilizes both ground based and air based platforms for a launch, was reported recently by the Israeli government to be in development and potentially ready to be tested later this  year.

And it may be not a moment too soon.

After President Trump backed out of the Iran nuclear deal, which had been signed by his predecessor President Obama, he chose to use sanctions as a method to force Iran into compliance. Iran responded by announcing that it was ramping up its nuclear development program. It is generally thought that Iran should have a working nuclear weapons capability within a year.

Trump reportedly considered the Iran deal to be flawed and to facilitate Iran’s nuclear development, which ended up taking place any way.

The Iron Beam, also reported to be possibly ready within the same time frame, would address the nuclear weapons threat. Iran has repeatedly threatened Israel with annihilation and recent aggressions between the US and Iran had commentators worried that we were heading for a direct confrontation.

In fact, rather than making Israel more secure, the US’s repeated meddling in the region has resulted in far more vulnerability for the Jewish state.

Unlike President Obama, Trump has been touted as a friend to Israel. However, his acts of “friendship” have repeatedly resulted in more conflict between Israel and her neighbors. Trump’s decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem resulted in border clashes that left dozens dead.  In a rather amazing act of revisionism, Trump recently denied that this violence took place.  And his “Deal of the Century” peace plan has been roundly rejected by the Palestinians, who subsequently cut off diplomatic ties with the US and with Israel.

While the major media has continued to front the story that the US is a friend to Israel, the bald reality may be quite a bit different. While the US gives Israel over $3 billion a year in foreign aid, earmarked for purchasing weapons from the US, scrutiny of the reliability of some of these defensive weapons has resulted in concerns that the US is selling lemons to Israel.

The much touted Iron Dome may not work.  David’s Sling, also a defensive weapons system, has been reported as also problematic.  The final tier of Israel’s defense system, the Patriot missile, is junk.

The US’s complicity in Israel’s growing endangerment is cautiously being discussed by a number of commentators.

It appears that within one year, Israel’s race to construct an adequate defense system will bear fruit, or not. It appears that within the same time frame, Iran may finally be in a position to fulfill her promise to wipe Israel off the map. Either way, the US has been a silent partner in this unfolding saga.

Janet Phelan is an investigative journalist and author of the groundbreaking exposé, EXILE. Her articles previously appeared in such mainstream venues as the Los Angeles Times, Orange Coast Magazine, Long Beach Press Telegram, etc. In 2004, Janet “jumped ship” and now exclusively writes for independent media. She is also the author of two collections of poetry—The Hitler Poems and Held Captive. She resides abroad. You are invited to support her work on Buy Me A Coffee here:

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