Gold Reaches 7-Year Highs Amid Global Turmoil

We Bring You This Critical Alert, Contributed By and Their Founder, Lior Gantz, Who Our Staff Looks At For Accurate Economic Forecasting.

My life changed the day I realized the ignorance of the general population with the Federal Reserve System of banks and fiat monetary system.

I’ve literally never been the same. I’m not a gold bug at all, but there’s no way that I will ever NOT own precious metals.

To me, holding and stashing one’s purchasing power in national currencies is PLAIN STUPID.

Gold is more volatile than cash and silver is even more volatile than both, so cash has its purpose, but no gold at all like 99% of the population? THAT’S NUTS!


There’s no MANIA at all, yet gold is already trading at 7-year highs in dollar terms and all-time highs in over 75 fiat currencies.

Measuring euphoria in precious metals is done in an easy way: by looking at the price of silver.

Investors invest in gold and speculators love silver. Currently, though, they’re loving the other precious metals, including platinum, palladium, and much more.

To me, this means that the price of gold has MORE upside than most people think.

The day I decided to accumulate gold was the first day that I’ve ever felt safe, like there’s a plan B, a parachute, and I can sense more security for my family and my own future.

Bitcoin came later on. We were among the pioneers of cryptocurrencies. Since the first time we highlighted its unique properties — its decentralization and brilliant technology — the price has gone from $13/coin (when we debuted it in the newsletter) to around $10,000 today and $20,000 at its high.

Its price can still go up HIGHER. On a technical analysis basis, the chart looks ready to break out like gold just has.


One microscopic virus in one end of the planet can change the fate of the global economy in less than a month.

This is, in my view, a clear-cut example of the power of owning safe havens.

To me, a safe haven is the FURTHEST thing from a government-backed asset, such as the dollar or a Treasury note.

Gold is going to have an incredible year in 2020, and the mining stocks are delivering for us!

Believe me: what I’m working on now is a company whose financials are just SCREAMING at me and jumping off the page.

Janet Yellen just opened the gates of hell, by the way.

Before Jerome Powell, we had Yellen chairing the Federal Reserve. She is the one we owe our gratitude, when it comes to creating a bottom for gold. When she decided to raise rates in December 2015, precious metals finally bottomed.

Now, over five years afterwards, she is advocating that the central bank should buy stocks in the NEXT DOWNTURN.

Jerome Powell keeps citing that the bank has a dual mandate, which includes (1) price stability and (2) full employment.

I don’t see anywhere in there that central banks should invest in equities.

Who would gain from this type of policy? If Congress allows this one to fly, then the result of it would be artificially-high prices. Here’s a chart explaining who has something to gain:


Rich people own stocks. Poor people have debts. Governments overspend and the world goes ‘round.

Gold, therefore, is an essential asset to own.

When the next huge problem comes out of the shadows and into the limelight, diversification will mean EVERYTHING.

Covid-19 virus, formerly known as coronavirus, seems to be more complex to deal with than we were originally told. The Chinese government, in its efforts to contain the panic, might only be making it worse.

People are now aware of the cover-up, the lying and the fabrications of numbers.


You can’t fake it anymore. When 400 million+ working people are quarantined, and when the world’s 2nd largest economy – with annual exports of $2.3 trillion and annual imports of $2.1 trillion – is paralyzed, then Japan, India and Germany will enter RECESSIONS! absolutely loves the articles, contributed by

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