The Truth Is Fun

Op-Ed by Sylvain Lamoureux

It’s finding out that what you hold to be a ‘Part Of You’ is a LIE which isn’t.

To laugh at some ridiculousness which someone has enacted or repeated is usually immediately reacted to as:
“Are you laughing at me?”
To which I reply “I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you.”
Which many reply “Well I’m not laughing.”
For which I reply “Then I’m laughing for you.”

Here are some of the things which I have to laugh at (because I am tired of weeping):

I think that we all know that Big Pharma is all about profit. Yet people still take their drugs believing they are about health.

There is a lot of evidence against the efficacy and safety of vaccines, not to mention the countless accounts from victims of the ‘adverse reactions’ which includes death. Yet people still line up to get them and are easily incited to FORCE others to partake in this lunacy.

Voting never changes anything but people keep doing it, believing that ‘this time’ it’s all going to be ‘right’. Makes me think of ‘This time, I’m hitting those sevens.’ (How many times can people keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results?)

Microsoft is implicated in sterilizing ‘vaccines’ and eugenics, to mention a couple, and people (including the ‘alt media’) still use their operating system. I have offered, for the past decade, to help people install and adjust to Linux to rid themselves of MS Windows. There have not been many takers to my offer. The one (maybe it is only one) which I can think of, was eager to learn and to wean himself from the clutches of Gates; perhaps I should be happy with that. That said, there have been others which have failed in the process and some which even ‘blame’ me for their inability to adapt. There is a lot of that these days – ‘My ignorance is your fault’. (sigh)

You can show people that a handful of companies control all the media they watch yet they still go home and watch TV believing that the ‘News’ is real. They believe that they are ‘learning’ something because they watch a lot of the History Channel. Hmm, history, written by the winners in the first place, served up by the 5 or so companies which control most media globally? Sounds like a great source for honesty. But you cannot say these things to them for it will invoke an argument as they MUST be learning something or else the majority of their lives will have amounted to NOTHING. (The games we play in our own programmed minds.)

The dangers of blue light have been studied and publicly acknowledged yet there is still a push for LED everything and people keep using their glowing devices in the dark.

People are informed or have heard about the social experiments and psychological manipulation of social media yet they still use them. Even after learning that the designers of said platforms don’t and won’t let their children near them. They tell themselves that their child ‘needs’ a tablet for his schoolwork and a ‘smartphone’ for his ‘security’. One of the things which I have observed is how it is now about ‘Reacting’ instead of responding in an augmented ‘Perception’.

It has been a well-established fact for years about the dangers of sodas (affectionately known as ‘soft drinks’) yet people keep drinking them. Just hang outside a major supermarket or Walmart and see how many cases come out in the short time you are there. (All’s good in ‘moderation’ right? Who knew spandex came in XXXXL?)

People ask: ‘Why can’t they build stuff which lasts anymore?’ – You know what, they CAN – we have been programmed to say stupid shit. The correct usage would have been ‘Why DON’T they build…?’. Because it is a CHOICE, and by using the word ‘can’t’ it is implying that the capacity of production is not there – it is an excuse, a justification whether we see it or not; it is programmed, automatic.

And not only do the machines have to hold up to time but the repair parts must also be available. Too many things these days could easily be repaired if the companies would make the parts available. There are so many layers (hands in pockets) involved in the ‘manufacturing scam’. We have the knowledge and technology to build things to last at least a hundred years; now why don’t we? (So we can be blamed for ‘destroying’ the planet with our ‘mindless’ consumption.)

People don’t seem to realize that the ‘red pill’ is not about knowing that the government is corrupt or that corporations rule the land with banksters and evil families, it is about realizing your entire life may be a lie and until you can deal with that fact, you are still playing THEIR game – so they flock (and I use that term loosely) to ‘alt media’ in search of yet another external point of blame (POB) and they are learning what exactly?

What this world needs most is change and to do that, it means that each and every person must change. All these ‘habits’ and ‘beliefs’ that are held as the ‘self’ must be questioned and addressed; to change on a large scale, it must begin with the smallest details.

Individual ‘reactions’ holds the key. Look at how hard everything about you seems to wants you to react then learn to curb the reactions with responses and whoohoo we are on the way to ‘change’. (Reactions don’t involve thought like responses.)

‘Seeking’ is not (as far as I can see) the answer (just like that constant ‘pursuit of happiness’). To BE a better person today than you were yesterday brings out the ‘wisdom’ within and that starts with the smallest changes of ‘self’. Stop searching for external POBs and start bettering the world one person at a time. There are only so many ‘rabbit holes’ the soul can take so stop being lured down by someone you don’t know; put down the pitchforks and KNOW yourself.

But what do I know?

You can read more at Sylvain’s blog My Mind and The World, where this article first appeared.

Image credit: Pixabay

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