DEAD WEIGHT: Silver Chart Looks P-A-R-A-B-O-L-I-C!

This is a critical update from one of the best financial commentators I know, a good friend of ours, Mr. Tom Beck, who runs and we’re excited to share this one with you!

In one word: MANIA.

If you don’t know who the CPM Group is, please read up on it. They have correctly called EACH AND EVERY bottom and top for silver since the company was incepted nearly 40 years ago.

Look at this incredible chart:

Courtesy: CPM Group

This has NOT been silver’s decade as an enriching investment vehicle. Since 2010 it has barely held its own but has certainly been a BETTER alternative to cash nonetheless.

As you can see above, the CPM Group is telling you that their research, which is paid for by the largest financial organization on the planet, is pointing towards another move UP.

I like silver right now because no one else DOES. It has become a laughing stock and many joke while thinking that it will never be worth more than $22/ounce again.

Indeed, low oil prices, recycled and scrapped metal supply, leveraged COMEX paper manipulation, no real inflation, and a roaring stock market have made speculators turn elsewhere for giant returns, but they might be making a catastrophic mistake.

Here’s how the world looks as we stand within days of welcoming a new decade and celebrating the year that has passed:


To me, the markets look to be entering the REAL BUBBLE PHASE.

The S&P 500 is up 250% since December 31st, 2009, compounding at 13.2%/annum. That’s a fantastic return, but not when judged over a 20-year timeframe.

Even with this tremendous decade, stock returns have been REALLY LOW ever since the Dotcom boom ended.

Even so, stocks aren’t cheap at all. In other words, in the past 20 years we’ve undergone two major moves down and the recoveries haven’t been decisive.

My bull market targets published in this letter were the following: S&P 500 goes to 3,700, NASDAQ hits 10,000 points, and the Dow Jones blows past the 30,000 mark. I am sticking with these, and I want to show you that investors might push us over those thresholds in 2020:


The difference between then and now is that investors have been shying away from stocks since 2008. Whoever owns equities does so since the lack of alternatives is obvious, which is why trillions have flooded into private equity, venture capital and real estate, instead of the public markets.

2010-2019 has been great for asset prices, but the 2020-2029 decade will be good to professionals.

The jobs market is back and I see inflation being inevitable.

Contrary to many, I don’t believe that China and the U.S. can really work out their dispute over technology and intellectual property theft that easily, which to me means that globalization might not return and prices might not be cheap like they’ve been for Americans for so long thanks to Walmart and others.


What you want to see next is the 50-DMA (red line) going above the blue one, with the spot price above them both. As you know, January and August are the BEST historical months for silver, so I will update you on our top stocks to trade like we have with Keith Neumeyer’s company, which is up more than 100% this year for us!

As you take a moment to reflect on 2019 and the decade that has passed, think MOSTLY about your career and your skillset.

Talent is the best currency of the future; the ability to undertake unique tasks is valuable to a degree like never before.

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