Video: Blood Exposed to Wi-Fi Is Not Pretty or Healthy

By B.N. Frank

Thanks to Lenu Pu and the Silicon Valley Health Institute for posting this presentation online:

Ms. Pu has an impressive bio which includes past work with the US Army Corps of Engineers.  She’s also not the first to show how her blood is affected by Electromagnetic Radiation or “Electrosmog.”

From Dr. Magda Havas:

Exposure to all sources of Electrosmog – including cell phone and WiFi Radiation – can cause “Microwave Sickness” and many other undesirable symptoms, health conditions, and disabilities (see  1, 2) as well as increased cancer riskMany sources have reported that Americans Embassy employees, their families, and their pets were affected by exposure to microwave frequencies while they were working in the Cuba and China.  Some are still struggling to recover.

According to experts in 2010, up to 1/3 of the population is “sensitive” to Electrosmog and 3% of the population is hypersensitive.  They also stated that sensitivity was increasing due to increasing sources of Electrosmog.  The World Health Organization agreesOf course not everyone will be affected the same way or to the same degree by exposure.  The same could be said for all toxins.  But with the “Race for 5G,” it will become more difficult if not impossible for all of us – and our pets – to avoid being exposed.  That’s one of the reasons why there is increasing opposition worldwide to 5G as well as other sources of Electrosmog.

Activist Post reports regularly about exposure risks from unsafe technology.  For more information, visit our archives and the following websites:

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