“Verizon Pitches 5G as Climate Champion” — Manipulative Marketing and Manure

By Patricia Burke

Report from the Mobile World Live Summit in Lisbon:

LIVE FROM WEB SUMMIT 2019, LISBON: Verizon consumer group chief Ronan Dunne (pictured) hailed the potential of 5G to combat climate change, by delivering innovative new approaches as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).


The Atlantic,[1] Huawei,[2] ATT,[3] the World Economic Forum, [4] like Verizon,[5] are also touting 5G as the solution to previous models of consumption that are under fire for environmental and health damages, including fossil fuels.

“This Be Like” the tobacco industry peddling cigarettes as a health product:

For your Adam’s Apple:

Source: http://tobacco.stanford.edu/

For Throat Irritation:

Source: http://tobacco.stanford.edu/

For Digestion:

Source: http://tobacco.stanford.edu/

To Your Heart’s Content:

Source: http://tobacco.stanford.edu/

And as a Medical Treatment:

Source: http://tobacco.stanford.edu/

The Green-Washing of Greed

The group Green America has focused on the issue of Verizon’s lack of embrace of clean energy:

But what about environmental impacts?

4G allows for 1,000 devices to be connected per square kilometer, and 5G brings a drastic increase, with one million devices per square kilometer. These devices include not only smartphones, but a wide range of vehicles, appliances, and other technologies that are all part of the growing “internet of things.” This could pose ethical challenges, because electronic devices create harmful environmental and social impacts from their mining and production to the hazards of disposal. Having space for more devices does not directly mean that production will skyrocket right away, but it’s something to be wary of as more “smart” appliances appear on the market.

A positive aspect of 5G is that it’s more directional and efficient, and this could result in less energy and power being wasted. Verizon claims 5G can help save cities 70 percent energy usage for networks and has cited that it can unlock benefits for cities in areas of public safety, transit, and utilities. Verizon cites that 5G can usher in more driverless cars, public cameras, and magnetometers to track traffic flows and volumes. The company regularly touts the environmental savings its products can offer, but these calculations are based on a number of assumptions and are hard to verify. What we do know for sure is that Verizon uses almost no clean energy to power its current networks and servers and has no plans to scale up its clean energy to match T-Mobile’s goal of 100% wind and solar power by 2021.

SOURCE: Verizon Racing Towards 5G But Ignoring Clean Energy

Its not just a question of servers. Not only are Verizon’s claims “hard to verify,” but environmentalists are swindling themselves into believing that more “clean energy” supporting 5G will somehow lead us to a more efficient future, without questioning the entire 5G narrative.

The waste of resources and energy for connecting, collecting, wirelessly transmitting, analyzing, selling, and storing data about energy use of every device 24-7-365, including empty homes and businesses, under the guise of “sustainability,” is like smoking to address a sore throat.

Just to be clear, it’s all about this:  “Economists estimate the global economic impact of 5G in new goods and services will reach $12 trillion by 2035 as 5G moves mobile technology from connecting people to people and information, towards connecting people to everything.”[6] Meaning, an always-on system of connectivity involving unprecedented consumption, and waste.

Groups like Green America promoting an incomplete paradigm shift are actually supporting the harm being perpetrated by irresponsible corporations.[7]

When Excrement Reigned

In a 2004 article, author Stephen Davies chronicled the story of the very first urban planning meeting, a forerunner to modern “smart city” symposiums.

The streets of nineteenth-century cities were covered by horse manure. This in turn attracted huge numbers of flies, and the dried and ground-up manure was blown everywhere. In New York in 1900, the population of 100,000 horses produced 2.5 million pounds of horse manure per day, which all had to be swept up and disposed of.

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In 1898 the first international urban-planning conference convened in New York. It was abandoned after three days, instead of the scheduled ten, because none of the delegates could see any solution to the growing crisis posed by urban horses and their output.

Writing in the Times of London in 1894, one writer estimated that in 50 years every street in London would be buried under nine feet of manure. Moreover, all these horses had to be stabled, which used up ever-larger areas of increasingly valuable land. And as the number of horses grew, ever-more land had to be devoted to producing hay to feed them (rather than producing food for people), and this had to be brought into cities and distributed—by horse-drawn vehicles. It seemed that urban civilization was doomed.[8]

The doom prophecies never came to pass due to the invention of the automobile. Now, the unexamined belief in future technology to address societal challenges, without critical inquiry, has reached a destructive crescendo.

In 1881: Cigares De Joy Cure Asthma’s ad stated,

One of these cigarettes gives immediate relief in the worst attack of Asthma, cough, bronchitis and shortness of breath. Persons who suffer at night with coughing=, phlegm and short breath find them invaluable, as they instantly check the spasm, promote sleep, and allow the patient to pass a good night. Are perfectly harmless and may be smoke by ladies, children and most delicate patients.[9] That’s how the regulators and the industry view the (involuntary) consumption of wireless frequencies.

In 2019, the emerging, always-on telecommunications paradigm under construction looks like this on paper:

Source (PDF)

It actually looks like this:

5G tech is coming and it’s ‘an absolute mess,’ Miami-Dade commissioner says

Comparing the 5G tech revolution to the California gold rush, Miami-Dade Commissioner Eileen Higgins bemoaned the unsightly, sloppy and hazardous installation of telecommunications equipment on Miami streets.

“It’s a 5G fiasco,” Higgins said during Wednesday’s County Commission meeting. “Downtown is the epicenter of a land grab by the telecommunication companies. We have an absolute mess.” Companies such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are erecting new utility poles, boxes, and cables to accommodate the next generation of wireless technology — 5G — touted as super fast and super clear. They are in a race to expand their networks and “get to the future faster,” as Verizon says on its website As a result, concrete poles are going up every 300 feet, sometimes in awkward spaces. Black splice cases are left sitting on the ground or strapped to trees with plastic yellow caution tape. Stray wires poke out into walkways. Rats’ nests of cable dangle from overhead lines. Sidewalks are repaired hastily and unevenly with cold asphalt patching. It looks ugly. It looks dangerous.[10]

Now we’re filling the entire atmosphere with crap,[11] and we’re getting smoked by the 5G marketing wizards.

Sign the Appeal:  https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/

Learn More:

The Race Towards Extinction: Climate Change versus the 5G Microwave Technology Roll Out
9 causes of harm from 5G and the Internet of Things; Health, Privacy, Cybersecurity, Environment, Energy, Brains and Humanity, E-waste, Conflict Minerals, Ethics:

How smartphones are heating up the planet

“KELEA, Cosmic Rays, Cloud Formation and Electromagnetic Radiation: Electropollution as a Possible Explanation of Climate Change” Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, March 1, 2016.

The Competence Initiative’s report Bees, Birds, and Humans: Electrosmog’s Destructive Effects on Nature, by German biologist Dr. Ulrich Warnke:

The information-processing and function systems of today’s humans, plants and animals are bombarded with artificial magnetic, electric and electromagnetic fields from numerous mobile and telecommunications sources in a concentration and intensity as never before. The consequences of these developments put forth by their critics cannot be overlooked any longer. Bees and other insects are disappearing. Birds avoid certain regions and are disoriented in others. Humans suffer functional problems and other sicknesses. And the evidence that suggests some of these problems may be inheritable means we’re passing them on to the next generation.



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