More Smartphone Lawsuits Expected. RF Radiation Exceeds Outdated Federal Safety Levels Up to 500%

By B.N. Frank

An article published in the Chicago Tribune in August revealed that 11 smartphone models exceed very outdated federal RadioFrequency (RF) exposure safety limits.

How outdated?  No “safe” levels of RF radiation have even been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women.  Health experts including the American Academy of Pediatrics have warned that children are more susceptible to harm from all sources of wireless radiation and have encouraged reducing their exposure everywhere including in medical buildings, schools, etc.

Because of the Chicago Tribune article, Fegan Scott law firm started a class action lawsuit (see 1, 2).  Thanks to Consumer Safety Guide for an update on their progress:

According to the suit, a user carrying a phone in his or her pocket could be exposed to levels of radiation that are more than 500% what is considered to be a safe amount. The lawsuit cites several recent publications that claim cell phone users face an increased cancer risk.

The lawsuit additionally claims that cell phone use could potentially cause:

  • Genetic damage
  • Structural and functional changes to the reproductive systems
  • Learning and memory deficits
  • Neurological disorders
  • Damage to overall health and well-being

There is also debate over what the results of the tests actually mean. Phones act differently when they are being carried and are inactive versus when they are in use and making calls. Tech experts have long encouraged users not to make calls with phones they are carrying in their pockets and the test might have done little more than justify this warning.

Despite the uncertainty following the studies, the lawsuit filed accuses Apple and Samsung of negligence, breach of warranty, and consumer fraud, as well as profiting off of placing consumers at risk.

The plaintiffs seek actual damages, as well as compensation for continued medical monitoring and restitution. Furthermore, it wants cell phones to alter phones to be safer or to be required to warn consumers of the risks.

More data is needed to determine whether or not there is an actual consumer risk, but if the companies misstated the safety of their phones and there are breaches in safety standards, it looks bad for them and could mean trouble for consumers.

Telecom companies have been warning their shareholders – but not the public – that they may eventually be held liable for harm caused by their products and transmitters.  Insurance companies aren’t eager to insure them because it’s too risky (see 1, 2).  Regardless, none of this and much more (see 1, 2, 3) has slowed down the production and promotion of smartphones and other harmful wireless devices and applications for humans from cradle to grave and their pets.

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