Verizon Gives 5G to Under-Resourced Students Despite Company’s 2014 Warning to Shareholders About Future Lawsuits

By B.N. Frank

Verizon and their supporters are bragging again about their generous efforts to “break down the digital divide” for under-resourced American students.  Now they are providing these unsuspecting kids, parents, and schools with free 5G technology when even telecom industry executives have offered NO EVIDENCE that 5G safe and plenty of health experts say it isn’t (see 1, 2, 3).

It’s crazy – Silicon Valley parents are STILL sending their own kids to expensive private low-tech or no-tech schools and desperately trying to keep them away from all exposure to screens.

So doesn’t it seem like the real digital divide is more tech in American schools = less educated kids?

From Global Citizen:

(5G) is already reaching markets in parts of the United States, and will likely be in widespread use in 2020. Verizon is making sure under-resourced students are not left behind.

Around 10% of the US population lacks reliable access to the internet. For 3 million school children, this digital divide prevents them from reaching their full potential and can limit their educational and career opportunities, particularly in STEM fields. As 5G technology becomes the norm across the country, the digital divide could become even wider, posing a greater barrier to under-resourced students.

That’s why Verizon is working to get ahead of the curve, ensuring these students are not only not left behind, but are among the first to get access to this cutting edge technology.

Through Verizon Innovative Learning, which provides free technology, internet access, and immersive instruction in a classroom setting to students who would otherwise not have access to cutting-edge digital opportunities, Verizon has already begun to roll out 5G service to select middle schools. On the Global Citizen Festival stage on Sept. 28, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg, along with artist and activist Pharrell Williams, announced Verizon’s commitment to bringing 5G to 100 Verizon Innovative Learning Schools across the country by 2021, introducing students to vast new learning experiences and tools.

“5G technology will provide extraordinary opportunities in education,” said Rose Kirk, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, Verizon, in a press release. “The students and teachers in our Verizon Innovative Learning Schools will be at the forefront of this innovation and among the first to explore these transformative 5G learning solutions.”

Verizon Innovative Learning programs give students access to learning experiences that could set them on the path toward highly rewarding careers. Students can learn about various computer coding languages, robotics technology, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Past classes have allowed students to develop video games, fully functioning robots, and more.

Earlier this year, the 5G EdTech Challenge awarded a total of  $1 million in grants to organizations who have created AR and VR experiences, machine learning, AI and mixed reality projects that have the ability to solve for student engagement, teacher preparedness and special needs support through the power of 5G.

Experts and research continues to confirm that high tech educations and excessive screen use are NOT what is best for kids (see 1, 2, 3) – no matter how slick the marketing and who is promoting it.  (Really Pharrell Williams?)  It’s not just about eye damage either (see 1, 2).  Exposure to all sources of Electromagnetic Radiation aka “Electrosmog” is harmful to everyone – especially kids.  This includes 5G.

Not only that  – tech experts have been warning about 5G devices overheating.  Verizon wants to put devices that overheat around kids in schools?

American opposition and lawsuits against forced widespread 5G installation are increasing every day.  There are too many risks.  They aren’t all biological and environmental either (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

Activist Post reports regularly about exposure risks from all sources of Electrosmog including 5G.  For more information, visit our archives and the following websites.

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