Operation Regionalization of America

Op-Ed by Rosanne Lindsay, Naturopath

The Regionalization of America is underway. You may have noticed in the sudden changes in how life is lived and how millions of people are being relocated against their will.

One sudden change can be seen along U.S. Highways where new cell towers are being erected.

U.S. Wireless companies are in charge.  About 800,000 new antennas are being deployed – more than the total number of cell towers built over the past three decades. Every wireless company will build its own 5G  network, which requires the installation of new equipment even though they plan to use existing infrastructure in the form of street lights, so to remain “unobtrusive to customers.” What about the obtrusive health effects of millimeter wave technology targeting people on every street? Read about the dangers of the new microwave frequencies in my articles; The 5G Pushback is Here, Planned Obsolescence of Health Under the 5G Grid, and Weaponizing Frequencies: The Coming Tidal Wave, and The United Nations, A Totalitarian Map.

Millimeter waves are currently used by the U.S. Army as a crowd control dispersal weapon called Active Denial Systems. To be more appealing, towers are disguised as trees. At the same time, real trees, which block these microwaves, are being systematically targeted for removal. Congress has silently formalized 5G deployment of the cellular network without public consent. Legislators listen to no one when the Telecom and Energy industries, such as PG&E in California, are working together to control the electric grid.

Target Zone: California Land Grab

Is California a target zone for a relocation exercise, a beta test, for a regionalization of Americans through a land grab? If so, for what purpose?

Case in point: Just before fires began erupting all over California, the October 18, 2019 headlines declared that “Three men at PG&E decide when California goes dark to stop fires.”

three vice presidents are responsible for deciding whether the power goes out to keep electrical lines from igniting blazes: Michael Lewis, senior vice president of electric operations; Sumeet Singh, vice president of asset and risk management; and Ahmad Ababneh, vice president of electric operations on major projects and programs. Two more vice presidents will join the bunch in 2020.

Climate Control

California is burning and satellite-savvy men like Mike Morales reports nightly on what he sees is a premeditated targeting of California using high tech weather weaponry to control the weather that include cloud-seeding, Air Force owned land-based microwave lasers, ionospheric heaters, and bunker fuel operations off the coast of California.  Could this all be a conspiracy theory or could it be a conspiracy to relocate people into concentrated city centers?

College of DuPage satellite
Arcibo Observatory Ionospheric heater in Puerto Rico = 200 megawatts of power
SuperDARM in Jicamarca, Peru

The Headlines Tell The Story

October 21 and 22: “Evacuations ordered in Palisades fires threatens million dollar homes in Los Angeles.?

October 24: “New California Fire Forces Evacuations Near Los Angeles as Northern California Fire Spreads.”

Also on October 24th, the Dubai Weather Generator was switched on. The Saudis claim the newly generated Rain Corridor will make the desert green in the Kuwait-Ahwaz-Iran region.

Meanwhile, October 25th in America:  “PG&E it might have ignited 21,900 acre Kincaid fire in California wine country.

October 26:  “Insurers drop fire coverage for 350,000 Californians

Morales says PG &E is Skynet Weather Warfare.

October 27: “Firefighters struggle against massive, wind-whipped California wildfire,” as 180,000 people were “driven from their homes as they hoped for a break in the hot, dry weather.”

While the California fires burn away whole cities, and the grid is shut down, people in Vancouver are being threatened that their power could be turned off if they don’t accept the smart meter, as reported by this man.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, you only need to look at this map of the New California and its High-Speed Rail System to connect some dots.

The Purpose?

Rosa Koire says the movement of people away from single-family homes into stack-n-pack cities is part of a United Nations agenda so people can be better monitored. Koire describes at the development of regionalization and Regional Plans, which takes away representative government. Listen in at the 12:20- minute mark.

Undersea tunnel rail system is the core of the interhemispheric North America – Eurasia railroad project that would connect China and Russia to the US through Alaska and Canada.

This global connection is not only being promoted for tourism, but has other goals, not officially disclosed. The $35 billion tunnel project, estimated to take 12-15 years, would also control the weather through the Weather Generator Project that openly claims “We don’t create clouds, we enhance them.” More on that Rail System in my article, Seeing Through A Geoengineered Reality.

Concentrated power means control of the many by a few at the top. Control requires submission by the masses. Control requires a narrative to make people believe they are the threat, hence “Climate Change” and sacrifice.

And then there is the rollout of the Healthy People 2020 Act that will target ALL Americans with injectables, from cradle to grave. The new adult vaccine schedule under the National Adult Immunization Plan is coming soon, and it will be much easier to maintain records if everyone is located within a pre-determined location with limited transportation.

See https://www.aafp.org/afp/2003/1215/p2453.html

The multi-purpose agenda? Could the use of harmful pulsed microwave technology also serve to ionize chemicals in the environment and in the human body and mind? “Most people are unaware that these waves are cycling several billion times per second. 75 GHz is in fact 75,000,000,000 cycles per second, “which can induce unpleasant burning sensations on the skin.”

The Human Factor Answer

Science shows that human consciousness can impact the magnetic field and create disturbances in it, particularly during moments of high anxiety, tension and passion. On 1/31/2017, for the first time in recorded history, the Schumann Resonance reached frequencies of 36+.  On November 5, 2018, peaks around 3 am reached 40 Hz. Because 5G frequencies affect thought patterns and the mind, they can be used as a form of technological slavery. But if humans protect their own frequency and turn it back against the incoming harmful ones, is it possible to cancel them?

Decode the Headlines for the Answer

Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy? Need more evidence? Is there a perfect date for a fire? Is there a consistent pattern in fires? Are events in the headlines ritualistic, encoded, interconnected events? Is there a hidden secret society running the show? Check out Zachary Hubbard’s work on how to decode the headlines using an ancient language of coding numbers into letters called Gematria. To understand how simple this is, tune into Zach’s October 28th video on the Getty Fire in Los Angeles.

Of course, feel free to connect your own dots and decide for yourself. But don’t take too long and be caught in the heat.

Rosanne Lindsay is a Naturopath, writer, Earth keeper, Health Freedom advocate, and author of the books The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet and  Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid, Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally.  Find her on Facebook at Natureofhealing. Consult with her (Skype or Zoom consults available) at natureofhealing.org. Subscribe to her blog at https://www.natureofhealing.org/blog/.

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  1. The One World Government is being helped along by the UN. The globalists have been regionalizing the countries of the world into just 10 regions. Europe was regionalized with the EU. The West, although not yet regionalized, is in the process of joining the US with Mexico and Canada, according to the UN treaty Obama unlawfully signed. This North American Union, treaty written by Mrs. Ted Cruz and supported by Ted Cruz, would give Mexico and Canada veto powers over the US.

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