Geopolitical Signals Of Global Economic Crisis Abound

By Brandon Smith

As I write this, news feeds are buzzing with questions and confusion over the October US/China trade talks. In September there was a massive propaganda campaign within the mainstream media to push the notion that a deal with China was imminent, which boosted markets otherwise on the verge of a plunge due to a hailstorm of bad financial news. This media campaign also indicated to me that there would be no deal in October – best case, there will be an announcement of “progress” and a temporary pause in tariffs, which will fall apart once again in a month’s time. Worst case scenario, the talks will falter before they ever really begin. Either way, the trade war will continue well into next year.

As I predicted in my article ‘The Ugly Truth About The Trade War’ in September:

…Every couple of months the trade war deal hype is recycled and every couple of months the markets are hit with renewed disappointment. The latest trade talks are set for October and if they happen at all, it is unlikely they will result in anything of significance. At most, they will be heralded as the “start of a great deal” and both sides will claim “progress was made”, and then, once again, nothing will happen and the conflict will accelerate. You would think people would have figured it out by now, but the investment world learns very slowly and functions solely on blind hope. At the very least, economic analysts are starting to realize that no deal is coming and that the situation is only going to get more tense. In fact, it is designed to get more tense…

The trade war is only one of many major distractions being implemented at this time. While Trump plays his role for the globalist establishment as a bumbling populist villain and a Herbert Hoover clone, the sheer scope of events is becoming quite epic. This crash must be treated slightly different from the crash of 2008, because if we are to predict the pace of the implosion, we have to measure the number of geopolitical signals rather than just the financial signals.

That is to say, the globalists will trigger a Lehman Moment when there is enough geopolitical tension to keep the public mesmerized. In this way, they hope to conjure a “perfect storm”, one that can be blamed for the crisis they created. It would seem that as we close in on the end of 2019 we are very near to the avalanche…

Here I would like to briefly cover a number of developments that have accelerated in the past couple of weeks and give my take on what they mean to the liberty movement and the economy at large. Some people might question the idea that these events have economic implications. I suggest they look at the bigger picture. Much of what is happening today is engineered by the establishment not only as cover for the financial downturn, but also as partial fuel for collapse.

Trump/Ukraine Impeachment Circus

As I noted in my last article, Trump cannot be anti-globalist while working directly with global elites on a daily basis. The impeachment farce, like Russiagate, is carefully crafted 4th Generation warfare designed to keep leftists rabidly extreme while pushing conservatives fearful of a leftist takeover into the waiting arms of Trump, a puppet of the banking elites beholden to the Rothschild family for saving his fortune in the 1990s. The elites have no intention of getting rid of Trump at this time – he is too useful to them and their script, which requires an unstable conservative nationalist anti-globalist that eventually destroys the American economy.

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The impeachment proceedings are far more likely to blow back on Joe Biden and remove him from the Democratic primaries, opening the door to an alternative candidate (probably Elizabeth Warren). With Bernie Sanders much too old and heart attack prone, Warren makes the most sense as the establishment choice for the 2020 Dem candidate.

Talk of Hillary Clinton entering the race as a kind of Cracker Jack candidate seems like Kabuki theater to me. Warren’s scandals are rather minor compared to Clinton’s, and really, the leftists don’t care anyway. Her lying about being fired from a job in the 1970s for a pregnancy will be forgotten well before November, especially in the event that we are in the middle of a 2008-level economic crash. Liberty movement activists should not get too worked up about Clinton, they should focus more on Warren, and overall, they should stop deluding themselves into thinking that the election matters in the slightest.

As for Trump’s impeachment, it will probably fall apart by the end of the Democratic primaries, but this in no way secures Trump’s presidency (for those that still actually think that Trump is on the side of the liberty movement). Trump’s role as president will only continue so long as the US economy limps forward. If we do see a Lehman moment before the election, then Trump is slated to be removed from office.

The only wild card scenario I could see taking place in terms of the impeachment is that it hangs on until the election and throughout the economic downturn, and is shockingly successful. In this case, Trump would be removed from office (potentially) just before he was about to lose the election anyway. Why would the establishment make such a move? Because it would galvanize both the left and the right into a possible widespread conflagration; more so that merely replacing Trump with someone like Warren.

Believe it or not, there are actually a minority of dummies in the liberty movement that want to fight a civil war over Trump. I suggest that it would be a strategic disaster to fight a civil war over a banker puppet that is TRYING to take credit for the market bubble and by default the crash. It would be the fastest way for the liberty movement to lose all credibility.   If we do end up in a war, it should not be in the name of Trump and should be focused on the banking elites, not the Democrats.   Beyond this, if the elites need a distraction and scapegoat for their controlled demolition of the economy, a mindless left/right civil war would be more than enough to do the trick.

US/China Trade War On The Edge Of Something More Dangerous

The trade war has lasted for around 22 months; far longer than most analysts in the mainstream and alternative media predicted. Do not be surprised if it goes on until the end of 2020, or perhaps even longer. The conflict (like Trump) is FAR too useful to simply get rid of at this time

There are some analysts out there that assume that the globalists want to keep the current system propped up. They assume that the elites need it to continue, or they will “lose their power”. I wish it was that easy. Sadly, these people have been blinded by a narrow view of events and history. The elites are VERY AWARE of the consequences of what they are doing, and they absolutely intend for those consequences to happen. In order for them to build their “new world order”, the old world order has to be dismantled.

Part of this process will eventually require the end of the US dollar’s world reserve status and it’s replacement with a basket currency system and a eventually a cashless society, as has been openly discussed by globalist institutions like the IMF.

I can’t think of a better way for the elites to kill the dollar than to spark off a trade war with China until China uses the “nuclear option” as the largest importer/exporter in the world and abandons the dollar in global trade. With China dropping the dollar, numerous other nations will follow their lead in order to maintain ties to their manufacturing base. China has already begun dumping US treasuries exponentially. People tracking the trade war should understand that the final outcome if the trade war continues will be the end of the dollar’s reserve status.

Dollar advocates and fanboys will cry “No way!”, but they will be proven wrong in due course.

The Turkey/Syria/Kurdish Debacle

Over a year ago the Trump Administration pronounced the end of US troop involvement in Syria. This action was applauded by conservatives and liberty advocates as a sign that Trump was finally going to follow through on his campaign promises to stop the endless wars in the Middle East. Of course, it was announced only a week later that US troops would be staying where they were.

Now, we see the propaganda narrative that Trump is “fighting the establishment” yet again as he returns with ANOTHER declaration that US troops will be removed from Syria, this time in the face of a potential Turkish invasion in the region. I’m not sure how, but the Q-cult is spinning this move as a “Win” for Trump, perhaps because the Republican establishment is stating it is against the move. Already, Trump has been walking back his statements and indicating that troops will indeed be staying in Syria (but still not interfering in the ethnic cleansing of our Kurdish allies by Turkey).

This merely shows that nothing Trump says can be taken seriously and that we should wait and see what ACTUALLY happens in the coming weeks. In all likelihood, a Syrian “withdrawal” is meant to trigger a separate agenda, and this agenda may include an economic or shooting war with Turkey.

I have said for many years, long before the Syrian civil war was instigated by western covert agencies, that Syria represents a key component for a wider war in the Middle East. With so many interests involved in Syria, from the US to Iran to Russian to Turkey, one conflict in the region could spread into many conflicts. At the very least, it looks like my prediction in January that Turkey would leave NATO by the end of 2019 might be proven correct.

Brexit Confusion

I continue to see the Brexit storm in the UK resulting in a “No Deal” outcome, or, a bad deal outcome that looks a lot like a No Deal. I believe the Brexit itself, while noble in the movement that supports it, is actually a highly beneficial situation for the globalists IF it ends in a ‘No Deal’. The mainstream media and multiple elites have set the narrative that a No Deal will result in fiscal calamity. Of course, the elites have already ensured economic calamity by creating and then popping the Everything Bubble; but as with Trump in the US, they need someone to blame in Europe for the damage that is about to be done to the public.

The Brexit movement and sovereignty activists are the intended scapegoats. While the intricacies of parliamentary gymnastics in the UK are difficult to track, so far it appears that Boris Johnson will seek to follow through with Brexit at the end of this month. While there is a potential for a three month extension, I still see no indication that Johnson plans to acknowledge it. Even more interesting is that the EU is hell bent on refusing any deal, all while painting the Brexit campaign as uncompromising. It’s as if the European establishment WANTS a No Deal…

This makes sense on a surface level, as any good deal that ends with the British leaving the EU might encourage other nations to leave the supranational union as well. A No Deal ending in disaster for the UK and parts of Europe would inspire Europeans to want even more centralization.  As the new head of the IMF stated this week, nations must ‘unite to halt the global economic slowdown’.  In other words, give up your sovereignty or you will be made to suffer.  But going much deeper, a No Deal blamed for an economic crash would also set up sovereignty activists in Europe as the bad guys, all while the banking elites elude any scrutiny.

The Perfect Storm?

I have to say, even more so than 2016, 2019/2020 is shaping up to be the most unstable time period in modern world history. I do not think this is a storm of coincidences. The evidence does not support this notion. Rather, the evidence shows a deliberate agenda of destabilization, one that serves the interests of a globalist minority that functions much like an organization of guerrillas, or terrorists. One of the primary goals of any guerrilla war is to covertly undermine the infrastructure and economy of a system so that the population is forced to adapt to a new way of thinking – and the globalists already have a particular ideology in mind.

In other words, chaos is useful in that it can be exploited to frighten or manipulate the public psyche. The most important target of a war is the mind of the enemy. Everything else is peripheral. Killing an enemy is not enough. There are always more to replace the ones you kill. But if you can trick the enemy into giving up, or thinking just like you do, or even trick him into admiring you, then your enemy becomes your slave without knowing it. No one will replace him, and thus, there are no more opponents to fight you. This is the path to total victory that the globalists most desire.

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