5G Data Centers Consume Massive Amounts of Electricity and Consumption Will Double Every 4 Years. Will Taxpayers Be Paying For This Too?

By B.N. Frank

Activist Post has already reported about this particular environmentally unfriendly 5G issue recently (see 1, 2).

It’s worth repeating since 5G proponents keep forcing this eco-nightmare in communities everywhere despite increasing opposition for a variety of valid reasons.

You know it’s bad when even the Council on Foreign Relations can’t ignore the issue. Emphasis added:

While powering data centers with renewable sources is an aspirational goal of the IT industry, of equal importance is increasing energy efficiency. Yale’s Environment 360 program noted, “Insanely, most of the world’s largest centers are in hot or temperate climates, where vast amounts of energy are used to keep them from overheating.” Placement matters in keeping cooling costs down, but designing energy efficient processors and other components for servers is also important. Global data processing does not appear anywhere near … and 5G will add to the global energy bill of both telecommunications firms and those that conduct computing in the cloud.

So will the cost for this extra energy be passed on to taxpayers in addition to what we’re already paying and have been paying for 5G?  (see 1, 2)

Warnings about 5G have been cited by

5G is already operating in some communities and adults, kids, and pets are getting sick from exposure (see 1, 2, 3).

Activist Post reports regularly about 5G risks, research, opposition and insanity.  For more information visit our archives and the following websites:

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