Utility Company, AEP, Sues FCC Over Rules to Speed Up 5G and Fiber Installation

By B.N. Frank

Activist Post reports regularly about the many individuals and organizations who are opposed to the forced widespread installation of 5G technology.

Utility companies are among them and they have warned the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) that allowing more 5G spectrums for unlicensed and untested WiFi applications will interfere with their already problematic and combustible smart meters and grids. 

Equally scary, the Telecom Industry has admitted they have no scientific evidence that 5G is even safe.

AEP has now decided to sue the FCC about their rush to install 5G:

From Cord Cutters News:

Recently the FCC announced new rules that would help speed up the rollout of 5G. Now the American Electric Power Service Corporation has sued the FCC with the hopes to block the new rules in order to get a court review of the changes the FCC has made. These new rules would allow fiber and small 5G cells to be placed on existing utility poles far faster than under the old rules. These new rules also set limits on how long it utilizes can take to review requests to add equipment to poles and limits what can be charged.

Now with the updated FCC rules groups will be required to approve or deny deployment of new small wireless facilities within 90 days, or just 60 days if added to existing equipment. In the past, it often took months to approve new changes to current poles. The FCC also argued that companies were making new compers pay to correct violations that already existed on the pole if they wanted to add new equipment to the pole the new FCC rules put an end to this.

As you would expect this has upset some utilities and the American Electric Power Service Corporation has sued to stop these new rules as they request the Judge for a review of the FCC order. The FCC says these new rules are important for the nation as part of the growth of high-speed internet and 5G.

In the FCC response to the lawsuit it said:

“After further consideration and in light of the national importance of a speedy rollout of 5G services,” the Commission amended its rules “to allow new attachers to invoke the self-help remedy for work above the communications space, including the installation of wireless 5G small cells, when utilities and existing attachers have not met make-ready work deadlines.”

You can read the FCC’s full reply to the lawsuit HERE.

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Tens of millions of “Smart” Meters have already been installed in the U.S. and around the world so it’s likely that they are already on your home and throughout your community unless you are fortunate enough to have been able to “opt out.”  In addition to causing fires and explosions, they have been making people sick from their RF emissions.  A documentary was produced about them – Take Back Your Power – and it is free to watch online.

5G is already operating in some communities and people and their pets becoming sick from exposure (see 1, 2, 3). 

AEP also isn’t the only one to sue the FCC about 5G (see 1, 2).

Activist Post reports regularly about “Smart” Meters and 5G.  For more details visit our archives and the following websites:

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