Deep DIVE: Death Of Another Pawn — Jeffrey Epstein, The Official Narrative Is The Real Conspiracy Theory

By Aaron Kesel

The official story of serial elite pedophile trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s death is the real conspiracy theory. Somehow officials expect us to believe a man hung himself with a bed sheet and bunk bed shrieking, broke several neck bones, all cameras were pointed away from the cell, the guards were sleeping, of those guarding one was a substitute, his inmate was transferred just a day before and he was taken off of suicide watch after “attempting to kill himself” (while in reality he warned authorities that his cell mate a mobster and ex-cop charged with killing and kidnapping four people, was trying to kill him weeks prior).

All of this is compounded with the release of a dossier of documents one day before that suggestively implicated rich and powerful pedophiles; you have the ingredients for a story with a smell so foul, and that’s not the rotting corpse stench.

But no that’s not all, this expands way further than what most people are seeing.  If you are more interested in the full case, this author has explored the Epstein case a little more in depth than most in a previous article written for Activist Post entitled, “Epstein Dead: Following Names Dropped, People Close To Him Fear He Was Murdered; Warned Someone Tried To Kill Him.”

For this article the focus will be on the actual “suicide” story of Epstein, others’ deaths who may have been involved in the investigation, as well as those who were documented to be involved with the case, the corrupt plea deal, destruction of evidence and what has been discovered about Epstein’s network summarized.

True Story Emerges Of The Impossible Hanging; Lawyers Challenge Narrative

Epstein a 6′ foot tall man was found impossibly hanging by a bed sheet strapped to a bunk bed according to the NY Post.

There are numerous holes in what’s being reported as the official narrative, with more being added each day. As an example, one of the guards that was supposed to be guarding Epstein was actually a substitute. It has also been alleged that shrieking was heard from Epstein’s cell, and we can’t tell why because there are no cameras pointing at the cell from the outside or within the cells themselves, NY Post reported.

Further, it has since been reported that the guards who previously said they were working overtime when Epstein “killed himself” were actually sleeping on the job and forged check-up papers in the prison wing as ZeroHedge reported.

As the official narrative falls to pieces, it’s actually becoming a conspiracy theory. It has recently been reported that the autopsy performed on Epstein since last Saturday has found that he broke multiple bones in his neck, including the hyoid bone, which in men is near the Adam’s apple.

These breaks can occur in those who hang themselves, particularly if they are older, according to forensics experts and studies on the subject. However, the report notes they are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation. (As a side note, this is an old symbol used by the mafia/mob to silence someone or anyone else who might dare speak.)

Studies cited by The Washington Post suggested between six percent and one-quarter of hanging suicides could see the hyoid break.

This is significant because Epstein himself warned that someone tried to kill him weeks before and notified authorities, The Washington Post first reported after his death.

Since then, a follow up report by the NY Post has confirmed that claim, stating that Epstein had told his lawyers that his cell mate — alleged mobster and ex-cop Nicholas Tartaglione — had injured him choking him weeks prior. This is the reason that Epstein wasn’t on suicide watch according to his lawyers.

It’s worth noting that Tartaglione was allegedly transferred one day prior before Epstein’s death.

However, Epstein’s guards reportedly fell asleep during the hours before his death, then falsified paperwork to try and cover their tracks. So is it implausible to think that Tartaglione wasn’t transferred a day before Epstein’s death and that the shrieking heard was Epstein having his neck snapped by the alleged mobster and former cop?

Still many questions remain, there is even more strangeness than most are reporting. According to reports, Epstein also spent two hours locked up alone with a mystery woman — possibly part of his legal team — one day after he was taken off suicide watch after Tartaglione had attempted to strangle him.

To add to the oddness, Epstein’s body was claimed from the New York City medical examiner’s office by an unknown associate according to NBC News.

If that’s not enough to wet your conspiracy whistle, 4chan reported Epstein’s death before any media outlet with a user giving very detailed insight into medical procedures used to attempt to resuscitate Epstein. But that effort was insignificant since Epstein was dead for up two hours before his body was found.

It has additionally been reported that Epstein told his lawyers hours before his death that he would “see them Sunday” (tomorrow.)

“He thought he was going to win the double-jeopardy motion” that his defense lawyers were planning to file in connection with his 2008 Florida prostitution conviction, the source said. The multimillionaire — who was jailed in Lower Manhattan on orders from a judge who cited his “uncontrollable” sexual urges  — also “had hope of getting bail on appeal,” the source said, through  an application that was pending before the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals at the time of his death. “What he really wanted to do was get bail so he could cooperate,” a source told New York Post.

Even Epstein’s own lawyers don’t believe the wealthy financier pedophile committed suicide. Three of Mr. Epstein’s lawyers — Martin G. Weinberg, Reid Weingarten and Michael Miller — challenged the findings and vowed to conduct their own investigation, CBS reported.

“We are not satisfied with the conclusions of the medical examiner,” said the lawyers, who had hired a private pathologist to observe the autopsy, in a statement. “We will have a more complete response in the coming days.”

As Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge wrote:

Sure, plenty of details remain to be revealed from Epstein’s autopsy, but his jailhouse death is beginning to sound like something out of The Wire.

Other Deaths And Threats

One of the first deaths we will look at is the butler or manager for Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion during 2004 and 2005, Alfredo Rodriguez, who died of a rare cancer mesothelioma. Rodriguez died suddenly of cancer during the first trial of Jeffrey Epstein and only testified a few different times about what he knew. Rodriguez also circled and wrote notes inside Epstein’s black book. A few of those annotations of Epstein’s address book included Epstein’s “Apt. for models” next to the 301 East 66th St entry.

The book would be recovered as part of a sting operation with an undercover FBI agent, who acted as an associate of a cooperating witness, and Rodriguez would be charged with obstructing justice and sentenced to 18 months in prison — a longer sentence than Epstein himself received compared to 13 months.

The butler pointed at Ghislaine Maxwell being heavily involved in the operation, stating in his now unsealed testimony that “she kept nude photos of the girls and those blackmailed on her computer.”

The second death to note is male model Pedro Gaspar who died of an apparent overdose of cocaine and alcohol. For years, Pedro Gaspar lived at 6 W. 14th St., in apartment 3W, a three-bedroom loft above MC2. Gaspar was more than just the modeling agency’s neighbor, The Daily Beast reported.

If that was all then we could end the story here, but there has also been a strange string of suicides in NYC of police since the Epstein investigation and subsequent joint raid by NYPD and FBI officials of the pedophile’s mansion. At least 9 police officers have “killed themselves” this year, and seven alone since June, according to ABC News. However, some of these deaths of law enforcement could be normal suicides, but the statistics involved here are very abnormal to say the least, warranting discernment and further investigation of those deaths where an officer was alone without witnesses.

There are also two deaths of former senators in neighboring states who were both involved with stopping human trafficking. Arkansas state Senator Linda Collins and Oklahoma state Senator Jonathan Nichols were both shot and killed with guns in their respective homes as ZeroHedge reported.

Even the detective tasked with investigating Epstein died mysteriously, retired Palm Beach investigator Joseph Recarey. Recarey was just 50 years old; his cause of death was reported only as a “brief illness,” according to The Palm Beach Daily News at the time, which added, “no other information about the cause of death was released.”

Finally, besides Epstein himself, Recarey, Gaspar, Rodriguez and others, we have the death of federal judge Robert Sweet, who presided over a key lawsuit by Virginia Giuffre relating to the Epstein case. Sweet, who was appointed by President Jimmy Carter in 1978, died at his home in Ketchum, Idaho in March, while on vacation, according to The New York Times. Yet, no cause of death was listed in the report.

However, its worth noting that sweet was 96 years old. This writer dug up an obituary which stated “Sweet died peacefully of natural causes.”

Fox News reported:

A U.S. District Court judge in New York who was presiding over a lawsuit involving a wealthy, Clinton-connected financier and sex offender died Sunday at the age of 96. Robert W. Sweet died at his home in Ketchum, Idaho, while on vacation, The New York Times reported. He was appointed by President Jimmy Carter in 1978. Politico reported that Sweet was presiding over the lawsuit that followed what many saw as an unusual plea deal for Jeffrey Epstein. Alexander Acosta, the current U.S. Secretary of Labor,  negotiated  what critics called a sweetheart, potentially corrupt plea deal with  Jeffrey Epstein when he was the U.S. attorney for the Southern District  of Florida. The arrangement required Epstein to pay restitution to  dozens of victims, but offered a variety of unusual concessions as part  of a non-prosecution agreement.

What’s so strange about the death is that Sweet had been presiding over the lawsuit that followed the notoriously corrupt sweetheart deal Epstein struck with prosecutors in Miami in 2008, according to Politico.

Sweet may be able to be written off as a death from old age; however, the others are highly suspicious and warrant a second look.

All of this might sound crazy if it wasn’t for the threats and harassment being flung around to witnesses, victims and, more recently, Senator Lauren Book, as well as the fact that Epstein warned “someone wanted to kill him,” then was subsequently found dead with broken bones in his neck laying in his cell. There are also the allegations of prosecutors threatened legally according to Acosta.

Epstein’s death follows a death threat directed at Florida state Senator Lauren Book, and after an investigation into his case by Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis was opened for the handling of the case by the Palm Beach sheriff Bradshaw and the former Palm Beach State Attorney, Barry Krischer, as Activist Post reported.

Book alleged she was threatened for seeking to investigate Epstein’s case by demanding a state inquiry into Palm Beach Sheriff Ric Bradshaw’s handling of accused sex trafficker’s lenient work release program, the Miami Herald reported.

“I’ve received countless phone calls saying ‘Little girl you don’t know what you’re getting into,’ and telling me that I should just stop,’’ Book said in an interview with the Herald.

Ironically, Book herself is a child sexual abuse survivor and has worked relentlessly to pass strict sex offender laws in Florida.

A bizarre interview by M.L. Nestel with Jeffrey Epstein’s driver, bodyguard, and personal trainer — MMA fighter Igor Zinoviev — seems to indicate that there is a danger to those who speak out about the ring.

Zinoviev also tried to deny an earlier claim that local police had tipped off Epstein to a pending raid at his mansion and told Nestel, “don’t put yourself in trouble.”

“Listen, you’re really smart, and I’m not going to offer that over the phone right now, okay? You’re really smart,” Zinoviev said. “You have no idea. Please!”

Zinoviev also added that he believed Epstein’s death was assisted in the interview, although, he didn’t elaborate how stating: “Listen, you know, that’s going a little too deep.”

“Somebody helped him to do that,” Igor Zinoviev told New York Magazine.

The Corrupt Plea Deal And Low-Level Network

The 66-year-old pedophile was given an unfair plea deal, violating the federal Crime Victims’ Rights Act established in 2004, by failing to notify the 32 identified victims lawyers for the women have repeatedly stated. The plea deal, according to sources, was a deal arranged with the FBI in exchange for ratting out financial malfeasance at Bear Stearns by hedge fund managers Ralph Cioffi and Matthew Tannin, an unthinkable exchange.

If that’s not enough, in 2015 Politico reported that court documents that were released through litigation showed prosecutors cooperating with Epstein’s lawyers to keep the deal secret — a criminal act. Assistant U.S. Attorney Marie Villafaña used her personal Gmail account to suggest to one of Epstein’s lawyers that they could file legal papers in a different jurisdiction as a way to “hopefully cut the press coverage significantly.” Villafaña then told Epstein’s attorney that they would “include our standard language regarding resolving all criminal liability and would even mention ‘co-conspirators.” However, she “preferred to not highlight for the judge all of the other crimes Epstein was accused of and other persons that we could charge.”

The plea deal was brokered with the help of then-U.S. attorney in Florida Alexander Acosta. The deal was criticized as lenient because Epstein could have faced a life sentence.

Last month, Acosta, who served as secretary of Labor for Trump, resigned from his post amid the renewed scrutiny over the deal as Activist Post reported.

Even former Palm Beach police chief Michael Reiter, whose department conducted the initial investigation into Epstein, said in a civil lawsuit deposition that Epstein got off easy.

“That wasn’t an appropriate resolution of this matter,” Reiter said, arguing that the charges against Epstein were “very minor,” compared to what the facts called for.

Reiter, who was the partner of Joseph Recarey, even stated prior in 2010 in an exclusive interview to The Daily Beast that during the investigation they became aware they were being watched under surveillance for several months by an unknown source.

Reiter also previously stated that State Attorney Barry Krischer was hesitant to prosecute Epstein, causing Reiter to send a letter to Krischer complaining of the “highly unusual conduct.”

The facts become even more disturbing and chilling when you learn that State Attorney Krischer who turned a blind eye to this case was also in charge of Florida’s Crimes Against Children Unit, a position of power in which he could directly affect cases against persons accused of crimes against children.

Recarey once called Epstein’s trafficking operation a “sexual pyramid scheme.”

“The common interview with a girl went like this: ‘I was brought there by so and so. I didn’t feel comfortable with what happened, but I got paid well, so I was told if I didn’t feel comfortable, I could bring someone else and still get paid,’’’ Recarey said.

Several women who are potential co-conspirators protected by the plea deal, identified in this document “including but not limited to — Sarah Kellen Vickers, Haley Robson, Adriana Ross, Lesley Groff, and Nadia Marcinkova” were named as procuring accomplices of the young girls like Ghislaine is alleged. Some even stated they would get paid for bringing Epstein girls as young as 14 into his ring, The Daily Beast reported.

So far more than 40 victims have been reported as part of Epstein’s “vast network” with that number increasing as time goes on. In fact, according to a source who is a former NYPD detective, that number has reached 100+ victims as per investigative circles, with many more expected to come forward internationally.

Pandora’s Box, How Deep Does The Ring Go? Hollywood, Intelligence, Politicians and Royalty

Pandora’s box has been opened, the whole wide world including numerous journalists now see the elites hidden sick secret of pedophilia. Although, what has come out thus far is barely scratching the surface.

According to multiple reports, following Epstein’s death the feds have uncovered another black book with even more names after a raid at Jeffrey Epstein’s island. Combine that with the fact that Epstein’s sex slave books were brought back into focus with the release of documents, and no one can deny any longer what went on at the pedophile’s number of properties. Many have forgotten, but a previous report by Fox News and the Associated Press entitled, “Jeffrey Epstein, registered sex offender, settles civil lawsuit and avoids testimony from alleged victims” talks about the slave craft books police found in the trash before the recent publication in unsealed court files.

Epstein knew several rich and powerful people, including former President Bill Clinton and President Trump. A flight ledger released revealed Bill Clinton’s name 26 times; Epstein’s brother, Mark Epstein, also alleged Trump took at least one flight on Epstein’s plane dubbed ‘Lolita Express,’ hitching a ride back to New York under oath.

Epstein’s ring is like an octopus; it reaches into various different influential places in society such as  modeling, political circles, Royalty Prince Andrew, intelligence and even entertainment like Hollywood through NXIVM with the Bronfman family (Edgar Bronfman the father of Clare Bronfman is in Epstein’s black book), as well as Harvey Weinstein and Charlie Rose.

There were a number of people in Epstein’s little black book, including at least 50 notable figures circled, which this author will explore further in a later article. Also see Steemit user V4vapid’s breakdown of figures in the unredacted black book, which has missing pages that have never been published before.

Weinstein was named in Epstein’s unredacted black book and further tried to purchase the New York Magazine with the wealthy sex offender in 2003, The New York Times reported. The feds also have in their possession thousands of phone call logs that are from teenage school girls and other predators like Weinstein.

The modeling industry is also a key place to look for investigators and internet sleuths alike. Epstein was friends with Les Wexner and Jean-Luc Brunel (MC2, and Karin Models), two model titans. Brunel was recently accused of raping young girls and procuring them out to friends exactly like Epstein did. The model scout has launched the careers of models such as Sharon Stone, Christy Turlington and Jerry Hall, The Guardian reported.

Brunel has previously been accused of supplying underage girls to Epstein, which he has denied. The French modeling scout has long faced accusations that girls were drugged and raped. Brunel was also the subject of a 60 Minutes exposé on sexual abuse in the modeling industry.

Epstein invested into his former business partner’s modeling company, MC2 Models. According to a Page Six report, the modeling agency was named after Einstein’s famous equation, with the missing “E” for Epstein. “He thinks everyone is too dumb to figure it out,” the paper wrote.

Wexner has not yet been accused by any victims to this writer’s knowledge. Wexner said Epstein “deceived” him and “misappropriated vast sums of money.”

According to a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Epstein used MC2 to lure underage girls. In those court documents, one alleged victim accused the billionaire of “deliberately engag[ing] in a pattern of racketeering that involved luring minor children through MC2, mostly girls under the age of 17, to engage in sexual play for money.”

Further than that, on a deeper level Epstein’s pedo ring likely reaches into pedophile circles and the elite child pornography industry. This is due to information about Epstein purchasing a young girl, Nadia Marcinkova, from her family in Yugoslavia and allegations he purchased girls from South America and other countries, promising them modeling careers according to several victims of the trafficking.

“A lot of the girls came from poor countries or poor backgrounds, and he lured them in with a promise of making good money,” Giuffre said in a 2015 affidavit.

There was also very disturbing pictures on Epstein’s walls in his Palm Beach mansion. “Some photos were so bad that authorities blurred them out in the video, including one of a child aged no more than six or seven bending over in a tiny dress,” the Dailymail wrote after the first raid in 2005.

Epstein’s ring also reaches into intelligence through the (reportedly Homeland Security) Carbyne company with Ehud Barak and the MEGA Group, a company formed with influential people including Israeli intelligence, as journalist Whitney Webb reported for MintPress.

Barak was circled by Epstein’s butler Rodriguez who told FBI agents that he had circled the names of “witnesses” to Epstein’s activities, according to the Washington Post. In the unredacted copy there is also a page noting that, “Secret Service Personnel escorted Mr. Barak, Ehud, Former P.M. of Israel on J. Epstein planes.”

The former Israeli prime minister stated that he wished he never met Epstein and denied any involvement.

“On this day, I am thinking of his victims, the price (they paid) and the terrible things he did,” Barak told Channel 13 news.

“Like many respectable people in the US, in retrospect, I would have preferred never to have made contact with him. But from the moment things became clear, that contact was immediately severed,” Barak said.

Webb writes that even Carbyne’s executives are connected to Israeli intelligence Mossad and its offshoots like Black Cube.

The company’s executive team are all former members of different branches of Israeli intelligence, including the elite military intelligence unit, Unit 8200, that is often likened to Israel’s equivalent of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). Carbyne’s current CEO, Amir Elichai, served in Unit 8200 and tapped former Unit 8200 commander Pinchas Buchris to serve as the company’s director and on its board. In addition to Elichai, another Carbyne co-founder, Lital Leshem, also served in Unit 8200 and later worked for Israeli private spy company Black Cube. Leshem now works for a subsidiary of Erik Prince’s company Frontier Services Group, according to the independent media outlet Narativ.

In short, Epstein’s ring could bring down a lot of powerful people in one strong swoop. That’s why Epstein had to have his neck broken in multiple spots before he could cooperate with authorities for a lesser sentence.

These people were all recorded doing sexual acts with underage girls and god knows what else on that island.

All of the accused have denied they are involved, but there are several witnesses and other victims that back Virginia Giuffre and others’ claims of depravity by elitists.

One of Epstein’s pilots, David Rodgers, testified that he flew Defendant Ghislaine Maxwell and Giuffre at least 23 times on Epstein’s jet, the “Lolita Express” and that “GM” on the flight logs stands for Ghislaine Maxwell.

A second Epstein pilot, chief pilot Larry Visoski, 54, admitted he knew minors were being flown on his boss’s plane but said he never suspected him of having sex with them.

Another witness’s deposition in the newly unsealed documents, Tony Figueroa, Epstein’s former bodyguard, testified that Giuffre told him about threesomes that involved herself, Maxwell, and Epstein. Figueroa added that Giuffre told him that “strap-ons,” were used and claimed that Epstein wanted Giuffre to have sex with Prince Andrew, Maxwell, and “all the other girls.”

The feds are now looking for Epstein’s mistress, Ghislaine Maxwell, and any other associates that were involved with the ring so they say. They also have in their possession more blackmail tapes and another black book, which has yet to be made public that they acquired after raiding Epstein’s pedophile island. In that black book is a list of 301 British influential individuals, The Mirror reported.

Ironically, it turns out Maxwell was living in Boston this whole time. We all wait with bated breath to see what will happen to Maxwell or if they will let her walk and pretend none of this happened, despite the abundant amount of witnesses corroborating each other.

Maxwell allegedly told friends that Epstein’s island was wired everywhere for blackmail purposes. One has to wonder if his other properties are the same, especially the creepy Zorro ranch in New Mexico. Maxwell also acquired her helicopter flying license to fly anyone she wanted to the island going all the way back to the 1990s according to Vanity Fair.

Of course, the question on everyone’s mind: Will there ever be a real investigation that probes the elites involved with Epstein?

Destruction Of Evidence, Bribes And The Death Of The Latest Pawn

Miami Herald dug into public records in Palm Beach and the state of Florida that show Epstein “sought to ingratiate himself with local law enforcement officials.”

Sometime between June 1, 2001, and May 31, 2002, while  accusers say he was operating what amounted to a sexual pyramid scheme —  luring underage girls to his home then having them recruit other girls —  he gave $50,000 to the Palm Beach Police Scholarship Fund, which offers  tuition help to the children of law officers. This was followed by an  Oct. 16, 2003, donation to the Town of Palm Beach for $36,000. Finally, Epstein donated $90,000 to the Palm Beach Police Department  on Dec. 14, 2004 — just a few months before the initial police  investigation into his conduct began. With Epstein under scrutiny, the $90,000 was held under the pretense  of purchasing new equipment. The department reasoned that returning the  money might have tipped off Epstein to the fact that he was under  scrutiny. The department issued him a $90,000 refund the day he turned  himself in at the local jail.

Epstein also paid off The Palm Beach police department with a $128,000 bribe through his nonprofit organization during his incarceration between 2008 and 2009.  The bribe was paid to the Sheriff’s Office as part of the arrangement for his supervised work release program, which allowed him to leave for 16 hours a day, The Sun Sentinel reported.

If that’s not interesting enough, it has been reported by The Daily Mail that Epstein rushed the purchase of a $100K cement truck to his island three weeks before he was exposed in The Miami Herald last year. That means those tunnels on the island are likely completely filled up. This leads this author to believe that as stated in past articles, that odd occult temple was a sacrifice structure and bodies may be buried on the island. Why else would you need a cement truck rushed to an island connected to human trafficking, a weird occult temple with a bizarre giant sundial, a dentist chair and tunnels? This brings to mind Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.

“Jeffrey Epstein had a $100,000 cement truck shipped express to his Caribbean island three weeks before an expose was published which led to his arrest, DailyMailTV can exclusively reveal.

The pedophile, who was found dead by apparent suicide on Saturday while awaiting trial for sex trafficking, got the Carmix 5.5 XL self loading concrete mixer delivered to Little St. James on November 7 last year.

Epstein was in such a hurry that he paid for the machine up front so it would arrive sooner – even though it meant being responsible if it got damaged in transit.

Three weeks later the Miami Herald published a series of articles called ‘Perversion of Justice’ on November 28, which eventually led to Epstein being arrested in July.”

A cement truck isn’t the only bizarre item that Jeffrey Epstein ordered, in July 2008, shortly after reaching his non-prosecution deal, Epstein sent a shredder to his Palm Beach home. He also shipped a tile and carpet extractor from the Virgin Islands to his Manhattan townhouse and silk carpets to his Zorro ranch, in March of this year, shortly after a Florida federal judge invalidated his deal, The Intercept reported.

It’s clear as day that Epstein was destroying evidence, obstructing justice, hiding potential DNA such as hair follicles, blood or sexual juices that may have embedded into the carpet/tiles.

The wealthy financial pedophile also housed thousands of people including girlfriends, associates, employees, and businesses in a handful of apartment units at 301 East 66th St. There 200 units are housed, the majority of which are owned on paper by Mark Epstein’s development firm, Ossa Properties. Mark Epstein himself owns another modeling company called “Saint Model and Talent,” Heavy reported.

In a recent interview with Crains New York, Mark denied any business between his company, Ossa Properties, and his brother.

Now more than ever, what FBI agents and the police do will forever be engraved in the minds of the public. Will the FBI finally bring down elite pedophiles that have been abusing underage girls, or will these blackmail “brownstone operations” continue on to another generation with Epstein just being the latest pawn to be suicided like predecessors such as Craig Spence?

As Mia Farrow pointed out on Twitter, “How safe are the documents seized from Epstein’s homes/ computers etc- the records that will incriminate some of the most powerful men in America?  I don’t trust anyone in this government.”

Just like Epstein, Craig Spence (who was involved with the Franklin coverup and White House Call Boy Scandal trafficking little boys connected to financier Lawrence King) warned of his demise stating to the press that he would be killed and it would be labeled a suicide expressing people were after him. Epstein’s death is the subject of four federal investigations, including by the Justice Department’s inspector general and the FBI U.S conflicted attorney general, William P. Barr, said there were “serious irregularities” in how prison officials handled his supervision.

Any legitimate investigation will have to come from a House committee, not the DOJ, since William Barr was linked to Epstein’s legal firm Kirkland & Ellis, that represented Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 which ended in a no-prosecution; and Barr’s father, Donald Barr, hired Epstein to teach at the Dalton elite school in New York according to Frank Figliuzzi, a former FBI Assistant Director for counterintelligence. The feds have the blackmail tapes, so this writer is not sure what the elitists think killing Epstein is going to do?

“I was appalled to learn that Jeffrey Epstein was found dead early this morning from an apparent suicide while in federal custody,” Barr said.

“Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered. In addition to the FBI’s investigation, I have consulted with the Inspector General who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of Mr. Epstein’s death.”

The remaining question is will the corrupt non-prosecution deal that Epstein had been given that also protected “potential co-conspirators,” be thrown out? The last time an elite pedophile ring was exposed with the Franklin coverup, (which was linked to The Finders and its blackmail pawn Craig Spence), investigators Gary Caradori and Newt Copple were killed, a CIA director, William Colby, was found drowned at the bottom of his own lake, and the allegations made by a number of victims were deemed not credible with several of them being threatened, having family killed, etc.

Will history repeat itself with Epstein or will the hammers of justice finally slam on the elite pedophiles, some of which have been abusing kids for decades from ring to ring?

According to the feds they will continue probing even after Epstein’s coincidental death and have now turned their spotlight to his associates. Congresswoman Lois Frankel stated the House Committee on Oversight and Reform should begin its own investigation immediately, adding that “the public has a right to know why Epstein was given a non-prosecution deal.”

The “brave young women” who are Epstein’s victims can still expect justice, Manhattan US Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said. “To those brave young women who have already come forward and to the many others who have yet to do so, let me reiterate that we remain committed to standing for you,” Berman said in his statement. “And our investigation of the conduct charged in the Indictment — which included a conspiracy count — remains ongoing.”

The fates of Epstein’s victims and cohorts alike will truly show once and for all whether there is one law for the rich and another reserved for the poor.

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