Amazon’s Treasure Trucks Sell Discounted Ring Doorbells Across The US And UK

By MassPrivateI

Leave it to Amazon to create circus sideshow trucks, sorry I meant “Treasure Trucks” to promote neighborhood spying.

Last year, Slick Deals announced that Amazon’s treasure trucks were selling Ring doorbells at the discounted price of $139.00 in “select U.S. cities.”

And last December, Amazon’s Facebook page announced that their treasure trucks were offering discounted Ring doorbells for the holidays.

“Happy holidays! Need a last-minute gift? Scoop up a Ring Video Doorbell Pro—a front-door facelift! Use it to welcome your friends, or scare away thieves for $175 (30% off), your smart home’s got new tricks up its sleeves.”


At least Amazon got one thing right:  offering discounted or free Ring doorbells from a truck is a new trick.

But it is not just Amazon that is promoting Ring doorbells. A December 18th, 2018 article questions CNN’s impartiality of promoting Amazon’s treasure truck Ring doorbell sale.

Turning a home into a smart one doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Rather than investing in pricey kits for the entire house, consider shopping your devices piece by piece. And a great place to start is with your front door.

Why would CNN, the so-called “most trusted name in news” promote Ring doorbells? Could it be because Amazon is CNN’s preferred cloud provider?

Amazon doesn’t really need CNN to convince Americans to buy Ring doorbells because their ever expanding fleet of Treasure Trucks is coming to a city near you.

Recently, GeekWire revealed that within the span of two years, Amazon’s Treasure Trucks have expanded to 29 cities; effectively giving them nationwide coverage.

Two years after expanding on its quirky, Seattle-only deals-on-wheels idea, Amazon announced Wednesday that the Treasure Truck shopping experience is coming to Charlotte, N.C., Cincinnati, Columbus, Ohio, and Las Vegas.

Amazon’s Treasure Trucks have grown 5x in just two years, with a fleet of more than 100 including trucks, vans, and kiosks.

Can anything stop Ring doorbells from spreading across the U.S. and to other countries?

Amazon uses Treasure Trucks to sell Ring doorbells in the UK

It appears that nothing can stop Ring doorbells from expanding into Europe. I find it ironic that for once American surveillance is creeping into the UK and not the other way around. (Click here to learn about CCTV surveillance in the UK.)

That’s because Amazon already has a foothold in Europe; as their treasure truck Facebook page revealed,

We’re trying out the Ring video doorbell at our Smart Home pop-ups in London, Manchester and Birmingham this week.

Amazon’s foothold in Europe is even more disturbing when you find out that they have created their own Ring Doorbell UK website, that promotes neighborhood spying just like their American website.

Using circus-style sideshow trucks to expand home surveillance across America and the UK only serves to pad Amazon pockets while instilling fear and suspicion in neighbors. With so much controversy surrounding Ring and law enforcement in America what will happen as it expands across Europe?

You can read more at the MassPrivateI blog, where this article first appeared.

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