Chicago Stops Smart Water Meters After Lead Found in Homes, Despite Spending $480M and Raising Rates

By B.N. Frank

Activist Post has reported about the MANY issues associated with wireless utility Smart Meters including how terribly expensive they are and how the cost is usually passed onto unsuspecting taxpayers.

They also emit biologically and environmentally harmful wireless radiation 24/7 and exposure to this increases the toxic body burden.  So discovering high levels of lead in some Chicago homes while installing wireless radiation emitting Smart water meters is a very scary thing.


CHICAGO — Mayor Lori Lightfoot has suspended the city’s water meter installation program after recent testing found high concentrations of lead in some homes.

The mayor’s order to halt work on the program is said to be out of an abundance of caution and comes after the city has already installed new water meters in nearly 200,000 homes

Data uncovered by the Chicago Tribune found there were spikes of brain-damaging lead in more than one in five homes where new meters were installed.


The problem is attributed to street work on or near the city’s old lead pipes, plumbing repairs or the installation of the smart meters.

Former Mayor Rahm Emanuel had pushed for smart meters to encourage water conservation.  The city borrowed more than $480M to fund the program, leading to higher water rates.

Despite all the documented issues associated with “Smart” Meters (including fires and explosions), some elected officials are still promoting these meters as eco-friendly (even though they aren’t) and beneficial to customers (ha).  Fortunately a growing number of others are doing their damnedest to rid them from their communities and their states.

For more information about the many issues associated with utility Smart Meters, please visit Activist Post archives and the following websites:

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