CBD for the Mind: The Many Mental Health Benefits of CBD

By Steven Maxwell

CBD. It’s currently a celebrated phenomenon in the US as more and more people are realizing the positive effects of cannabis. You can find it in many stores, and it’s perfectly legal in many states. If you have mental health issues, CBD may be the medicine you need, and it can be even better than some prescription medications. We will explain what it is and what it can do for you.

Before You Look at the Benefits

If you are suffering from severe depression, anxiety, or another mental health problem, speaking to a counselor is an important first step. Sites such as Regain.us can help treat your mental illnesses in the comfort of your own home, and offer some peace of mind you might desperately need. By learning mental health management techniques, you can grow as a person who will be able to tackle all of what life throws at you.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis has shown many mental health benefits, and CBD allows you to get the most out of them. For those who do not want to get high, no worries; CBD-related products lack THC, the compound that gets you high. This makes CBD great for all types of people.

Is it Legal?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal in many states. The 2018 Farm Bill gave it an even bigger boost, allowing hemp products to be sold in the US. However, CBD at the federal level still remains prohibited. This is understandably causing great confusion, so please consult The Tenth Amendment Center for the latest on the legal status in your area, as well as for information on how states are moving toward nullifying federal prohibition. CBD has, in fact, become more normalized, especially with recent TSA revisions that can even allow CBD on planes in certain cases.

With that said, our police force is still so used to enforcing laws against a plant that they still love to arrest people for carrying CBD. People have been thrown in jail just for carrying legal CBD oil.  It is important to know your rights and stay up to date on this very fast-moving trend toward full legalization of CBD.

Is it Safe?

Much, much safer than most prescriptions! CBD is safe, and you can’t overdose on it. One of the biggest reasons for quick move toward the legalization of cannabis is the fact that cannabis has never directly killed anyone, while alcohol and other legal drugs have in massive numbers. While there may be a few minor, rare side effects, they aren’t anything major; diarrhea and fatigue may occur, for instance.

How to Take CBD

CBD is available in many forms. Some people vape, while others may take it in the form of a tea, CBD gummies, or other edibles including CBD pills. CBD flower looks and smells like a marijuana flower, but it won’t get you high, and some people prefer to smoke it.

People will have different preferences when it comes to CBD flower. Try out a few of them and see what you can come up with.

The Many Mental Health Benefits of CBD

CBD is still being studied; the legality on the cannabis plant is still a little shaky, so we haven’t fully uncovered its benefits. Some have been proven, while others require more evidence, but there is a growing body of scientific and anecdotal evidence to suggest a wide range of health benefits. Let’s look at a few of them now.

May Help With Insomnia

One of the biggest reasons for our mental health woes is that we simply aren’t getting enough sleep. Our busy lives and our thoughts keep us up at night, and technology winds us up. There are many ways to improve your sleep regimen in order to get a better night’s rest. You can take a nice bath before bed, stop looking at your phone … and perhaps have some CBD.

Cannabis has had a history of treating insomnia. Indica strains are known for being relaxing and promoting better sleep. While CBD doesn’t have the indica high, it still can relax and calm you. To us, it’s much better than going to a doctor and being prescribed some of the Big Pharma drugs that have been known to worsen the condition and cause other even more serious issues.

A good night’s sleep is essential for maintaining or helping to repair mental health issues. This is one area of study that needs much more investigation, and as the use of CBD widens and more federal funding is permitted for scientific study, we have no doubt that many thousands if not millions of people can be helped.

May Be Good for Anxiety and Depression

If you suffer from chronic depression and anxiety, or you just have the occasional moment where you’re feeling down or anxious about something, CBD can help.

With having anxiety and depression, the last resort should be pharmaceutical drugs. They can make the problem worse for many and come with many side effects. Therapy, mindfulness, and self-discipline are some good ways for you to treat your anxiety and depression, along with CBD. The calming effects of CBD can work greatly on depression and anxiety for many people. Not only that, but its insomnia-treating powers offer the necessary balance and routine sleep patterns that can be greatly helpful.

Great for Epilepsy

If you or someone you know has epilepsy, CBD is a godsend. More and more people are have offered health testimonials that support this. It may be able to help prevent seizures, especially in children, and help with multiple sclerosis. If you or someone you know is prone to this, CBD has been proven to help in some cases.

Can Reduce Inflammation

Many people take CBD for its anti-inflammatory properties. Every part of your body can be inflamed, including your brain. Inflammation in the brain may lead to dementia and other mental health problems down the road. CBD also can help alleviate the inflammatory symptoms of migraine headaches that so many millions of people suffer from. Other conditions such as fibromyalgia might also be lessened through the use of CBD.

May Help With Addiction

Getting off drug addiction is a problem for many, especially since the advent of the opioid crisis exacerbated by Big Pharma and the over-prescription of these dangerous drugs. For some, their addictions come from these legal drugs, and can even lead to people turning to heroin or other drugs to get an even greater fix. While it’s not a magic cure-all, CBD may be able to help reduce your addiction as well as the detox symptoms that come from stopping synthetic drug use. It’s worth trying if you or someone you know is an addict and you feel like you’re all out of options. As always, consult a physician who is knowledgeable and up to date on the science as well as the laws in your area.

As the world continues to embrace CBD, more of its health benefits will be discovered. It’s a great medicine, and it can be beneficial for all ages. If your child is having stress, anxiety, or even seizures it can be particularly helpful for them. Speaking of children, for good tips and ideas for your entire family here are two good resources:  FamilyHype or MomJunction.

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