AT&T Battling Class Action Lawsuits From Investors As Well As Sprint. More Predicted by AT&T.

By B.N. Frank

AT&T is one of many telecoms who have been warning their investors – but not the public – that they may eventually be held liable for harm caused by their products and transmitting infrastructure (i.e. cell towers).

Despite this, they continue to install 5G wireless throughout the U.S. (see 1, 2) even though telecom industry representatives have provided no scientific evidence that it’s safe, plenty of research already proves it isn’t, and an increasing number of credible sources are opposed to installation for a variety of reasons in addition to biological and environmental risks (see 1, 2, 3).

From SurvivalUpdate:

1. Sprint versus AT&T

In February 2019, competitor telecom heavyweight Sprint took legal exception to AT&T’s 5G E advertising campaign, calling it false and misleading “by deceiving customers to believe that its 4G LTE Advanced network is actually 5G.”

The plaintiffs allege that AT&T’s false claims about 5G E (which stands for 5G Evolution) are “causing irreparable damage to its own 5G network investment” by creating consumer perception that AT&T is rolling out new technologies that are more advanced than those of their rivals.


Consumer confusion over existing 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) and AT&T’s fanciful 5G E, according to Sprint, will cause “significant lost sales” because “AT&T’s deception guts Sprint’s opportunity to reap the full commercial benefits of Sprint’s 5G network launch that it has been developing for years at enormous expense.”

2. Investors versus AT&T

Two different groups of investors have filed class-action lawsuits against AT&T which charge that the international telecom misled them about the ability of DirecTV Now to grow its market and raise the corporation’s stock value. Pomerantz LLP law firm filed on behalf of an investor group while Klein Law Firm is representing a shareholder member class.

At that time, AT&T promised customers and investors alike that prices for DirecTV Now (a subscription streaming TV service) would plummet. That didn’t happen and the members of one class action lawsuit are claiming that AT&T purposely misled everyone.

AT&T canceled its existing streaming bundles and raised fees for new bundles. Later, AT&T reintroduced the older bundles and charged higher prices for them.

The sour investors further claim that AT&T “touted false and misleading financial results, trends, and metrics and omitted material facts rendering those financial results, trends, and metrics materially misleading.”

267,000 customers abandoned DirecTV Now in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2018 even as AT&T continued to issue false and misleading information with the express purpose of hiding their financial loss.

It’s all very yucky.

For more information about 5G and other wireless radiation exposure risks, visit the following websites:

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