Not Surprising — More Research Confirms WiFi Exposure Can Cause Irreversible Damage On Brains and Kids Are More Affected

By B.N. Frank

Recently published research confirms older research – WiFi exposure isn’t good for brains or the rest of us.  It’s also especially harmful to children.

Bad news delivered by Dr. Surat P, Ph.D.

Excerpts include:

A recent study reviewed evidence from 23 controlled scientific studies which investigated the health effects of WiFi on animals, human cell lines, and humans to determine once and for all, whether WiFi has a detrimental effect on human health.

The electromagnetic frequency of WiFi is pulsed rather than continuous. This is a critical issue, as pulsed electromagnetic frequencies have a larger biological impact.

When the impact of pulsed electromagnetic frequency was observed in the brains of mice, it was found that exposure for 1–2 months was relatively modest and that the changes were reversible after removing the trigger. However, months of exposure led to severe irreversible effects on neurons and the brain. These results suggest that the changes induced by pulsed electromagnetic frequencies accumulate over time, with harmful long-term effects.

The pulsed electromagnetic frequencies may be particularly damaging in young children due to the small size of their skulls and reduced skull thickness. This may increase brain exposure to pulsed electromagnetic frequencies.

Pulsed electromagnetic frequencies have also been shown to be particularly potent in embryonic stem cells. As these cells occur at a higher frequency in fetus and children, it further puts them at risk, leading to effects on brain development. This effect is particularly striking considering that WiFi placements are a common fixture around schools these days.

The different biological effects of pulsed electromagnetic frequency exposure include oxidative stress, lower female/male fertility, neurological effects, cell death, and damage, changes in steroid hormone levels, calcium overload.


Martin L. Pall. 2018. Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health. Environmental Research. 164 pp.405-416.

While some American legislators have introduced legislation to study the effects of WiFi exposure, there are teachers and parents in the U.S. and around the world who aren’t interested in waiting around for more research telling them what they already know.  They want WiFi replaced with wired internet in schools and other places kids spend long periods of time.  Activist Post has reported about this before many times.

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