Pro-Industry Scientist Kenneth R. Foster Dismisses Boatloads of Research and Medical Letters to Continue Promoting WiFi in Schools

By B.N. Frank

Anything can be spun and Ken Foster has been doing it on behalf of the Telecom Industry for many years now.  Here’s one reference to his spin-mastery from a February 8, 2016 article published by The Ecologist:

An investigative report published by the watchdog group Environmental Health Trust (EHT) digs deeper into the circumstances surrounding the CDC’s retraction of their guidelines on cell phone radiation exposure.

The report, based on 500 pages of internal CDC documents released through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), illuminates key information left of out the New York Times article and points to a cover-up by the CDC.

Among the most startling revelations detailed is that immediately after publishing the new guidelines in June 2014 the CDC hired Kenneth Foster as a consultant to assist in the creation of future materials related to ‘non ionizing radiation matters‘.

Foster has an established record of conducting research funded by the private wireless industry and has authored a number of studies with results that contradict the notion that children are more susceptible to cell phone radiation than adults.

One such study published by Foster was recently scrutinized by EHT Senior Medical Advisor Robert Morris, MD PhD, and his peers in the journal IEEE.

In the paper, the authors highlight the dubious and unscientific methodology used by Foster and his colleague in drawing their conclusions about children absorbing cell phone waves, pointing out “what appears to be a deliberate distortion of the science and a boldfaced effort to downplay potential risks to children using mobile devices.”

In addition, the CDC’s internal communications reveal that the agency considered including in their guidelines information about the potential hazards of cell phone towers located near schools, but chose to omit that information.

By all indications, CDC officials aren’t immune to the influence of the cell phone industry, even when the health of Americans is at stake. The role of special interests in shaping government policy on wireless devices seems to extend beyond the CDC.

For many years, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has been recommending we reduce kids’ exposure to all sources of cell phone and WiFi radiation. And 150+ letters have been written by doctors and scientists recommending the replacement of WiFi in schools with wired internet.

All irrelevant according to Ken whose most recent article supports WiFi in schools.  It’s very long and long-winded so many readers may not make it to the section called “Better Safe Than Sorry,” or the last 2 paragraphs where he mentions Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Hypersensitivity which are federally recognized disabling conditions.  Of course, in typical Ken fashion – he shames parents who want to protect their children.  He describes accommodation as being impossible and never-ending because it would entail replacing CFL and LED light bulbs, electric dimmer switches, WiFi devices, cell phones, and removing cell towers from school property. 

OMG spare us the drama.  Practical solutions are being offered by many organizations as to how to reduce harmful EMF levels and offer a “Better Safe Than Sorry” environment in schools for students and staff.

It’s not surprising that Ken’s recent article was also referenced by a Pro-Tech website.  After all, “Better Safe Than Sorry” isn’t going to keep their toxic light bulbs on.

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