NY Times Publishes Op-Ed Written by Self-Proclaimed and Unashamed Tech Addict Who Gave Birth While Using Her Blackberry

By B.N. Frank

As I skimmed through this Kara Swisher’s op-ed, “I’m a Tech Addict and I’m Not Ashamed,” I immediately thought of Rosie O’Donnell.  About 20 years ago, Rosie hosted a popular daytime talk show.  Part of her appeal was that she was so relatable to women.  Her opening monologues occasionally included brief references to how she had eaten a whole bag of M&Ms or cookies the night before.  She said she was ashamed and knew it was wrong.  Then she’d uncomfortably laugh it off and move onto another topic.  Many viewers could relate and would uncomfortably laugh it off with her.  Eventually, though, Rosie started talking about her binges on almost every show and for longer periods of time.  She didn’t seem ashamed about it anymore either – even though she still said she knew it wasn’t healthy and that she had started gaining weight.

I could relate to Rosie’s binge eating.  I had binged in my teens – sometimes even with my friends.  We justified it as normal teenage girl behavior – even though we knew it wasn’t good for us.  A few of my friends ended up in counseling and hospitals because of eating disorders so I knew binging was not to be taken lightly or to be encouraged.  I felt bad for Rosie.  Whether it was intentional or not, though, she had become a bad influence on everyone else.  I stopped watching her show and prayed she would get counseling for her sake and everyone else’s.

New York Times writer, Kara Swisher is also a relatable woman.  Most would probably agree with her statement that “we shouldn’t forget that the concept of instant communications is profound, and the ability to be in touch at an important time is both convenient and good.”

But other than that, she has normalized and justified her tech addiction in her op-ed.  I pray that she will get some help because even though many women (and men) can relate to her behavior – that doesn’t make it attractive, healthy, or lovable – even if she’s not ashamed.

Her heavy tech use also exposes her and everyone around her to harmful radiation and Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs).  It’s especially unfortunate that she didn’t consider that when she was using her Blackberry in the delivery room while waiting to give birth to her first child.  Oh well.

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