Verizon to Cook Chicago and Minneapolis with 5G and Charge Customers Extra $10 a Month to Use It

By B.N. Frank

It doesn’t matter that the Telecom Industry can’t even prove that 5G is safe.

It’s still legal for them to promote and install 5G technology – so they are.  From CNET:

Verizon is ready to turn on its real 5G network in two cities.

The nation’s largest wireless provider said Wednesday that it’ll launch its mobile 5G service on April 11 in Chicago and Minneapolis.

Getting onto the next-generation wireless network will cost you an extra $10 a month (with the first three months free) on top of your normal unlimited plan.

The launch marks the debut of Verizon’s legitimate, industry standards-based network. Late last year, Verizon proclaimed that with a newly launched home broadband service it was first to 5G, but critics noted it used a proprietary standard that didn’t fall in line with what everyone else was using.


Verizon plans to launch the service in 30 cities this year, CEO Hans Vestberg told investors in February, but didn’t specify which cities.

Of course, AT&T and Sprint are doing this too.  It doesn’t matter that the first 5G court case was won last year in England because people became sick (and women delivered stillborn babies) after 5G was installed inside street lamps.  American commentator and doctor, Naomi Wolf, also reported last summer how New Yorkers and their pets suffered after 5G was installed in some neighborhoods.

If you aren’t happy about this, consider:

  1. Boycotting companies that promote and sell 5G
  2. Learning more about how to stop this in your community.

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