Testimonials About Why Dirty Electricity Isn’t Sexy And How Sufferers Reduced Their Exposure And Felt Better

By B.N. Frank

In September, Activist Post published an article to raise awareness about a biological and environmental pollutant that’s almost everywhere and is increasing dramatically even though it doesn’t get nearly enough media (or medical) attention:  “Dirty Electricity Isn’t Sexy Unless Illness and Misery Turn You On.”

Not everyone who is exposed to DE will develop symptoms or Electromagnetic Sensitivity.  However, Electromagnetic Sensitivity has been federally recognized as a disability since 2002 and DE exposure obviously can play a role.  Diagnosed MS sufferers can be especially affected by exposure without their knowledge.  It also can affect animals.

Dirty Electricity can pollute buildings as well as entire communities.  The good news is that it can be reduced and sometimes even eliminated.  Building Biologist, Eric Windheim explains:

Everyone should have their house measured for dirty electricity (DE) since it can come into your house from next door on the utility lines even if everything in your house if OFF. Unless you have identified, removed or replaced all of the DE producing devices in your house first, the addition of DE filters can be a needless expense.

DE Filters LLC provides documented measurements of DE levels in homes before and after filters were installed along with videotaped customer testimonials.

Common sources of “Dirty Electricity” include:

  1. CFL and LED light bulbs
  2. Cordless phones
  3. Computers, laptops, printers, scanners
  4. Utility “Smart” Meters
  5. “Smart” appliances
  6. Battery chargers for cell phones, etc.
  7. Light dimmer switches
  8. Solar power installations
  9. Video game consoles
  10. Microwave Ovens
  11. Wi-Fi routers and modems
  12. Televisions
  13. And more.

Environmentalists who ignore sources of Dirty Electricity as contributing to pollution and climate change aren’t doing the world, themselves, or their loved ones any favors.  (See 1, 2, 3, 4)

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