Green New Deal Promotes Smart Meters Which Use More Energy Than Analog Meters, Emit Electrosmog, and Catch Fire. How’s That Going to Save The Planet?

By B.N. Frank

Proponents of the controversial “Green New Deal” demand that the U.S. install technology to create “Smart Cities,” which include utility “Smart” Meters.  This makes climate change worse because “Smart” Meter technology has been proven to require more energy use which then increases the emissions of harmful Electrosmog pollution.  Not only that, the need for frequent replacement of these meters adds to electronic waste in landfills as well as mining for more polluting conflict minerals.

Even scarier — hundreds of thousands of these meters have been replaced and/or recalled due to fires and explosions.  In fact, some California residents filed lawsuits against PG&E after their meters caught fire.  This was even BEFORE the devastating California wildfires.

Most would agree that fires and explosions aren’t “green,” right?   Unfortunately, neither is most – if not all – wireless technology.  Recently New Jersey environmental groups wised up about “Smart” Meters, whereas the Sierra Club’s San Fransisco chapter formally opposed their installation years ago.

Over the years, many articles have been written about how utility “Smart” Meters are NOT “green.” Some examples include:

  1. WHO KNEW? The Wireless Smart Meter Meltdown

Who knew that you could save more energy by unplugging a few appliances? 

  1. Green Electricity or Green Money?

In failing to understand, or ignoring the grassroots public pushback against smart meters, Krupp, Marston, and their EDF, as well as the NRDC, have again lost touch with their public and its concerns. The rebellion against smart meters,6 having spread to many states as well as to Canada, Australia, Europe, and the UK, may be really only one symptom of a broadly dysfunctional, entrenched, institutionalized, and polluting electricity and energy economy that EDF and NRDC are abetting. The shortcomings and failures of state and federal electricity policy exemplified by the preoccupation with smart meter has been extensively documented (Schoechle, 2012).

  1. Environmentalists Not Buying Smart Meter Greenwash

So are ‘smart’ meters really green?  It seems like the only people who think so are those making large profits from tax and ratepayer funds flowing to the smart grid industry.  We’re talking about groups like EDF, whose board member Ann Doerr stands to make millions if ‘smart’ meters become ubiquitous.

PG&E and other utilities have spent millions on public relations firms to convince the public that ‘smart’ meters will stop climate change and reduce energy consumption.  Nothing could be further from the truth

No one ever said it was easy being “green.”  Environmentalists who continue to ignore the enormous and harsh environmental impact of “Smart” Meters are choosing to make a bad problem worse.

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