Free Viewing of “Living the Change” Online Documentary

By B.N. Frank

Courtesy of, “Living the Change: Inspiring Stories for a Sustainable Future,” is free to view online until March 11.

The documentary provides guidance and hope for people who want to make small as well as big changes in their lives to create a healthier planet.

The Not-So-Green Revolution

At one time, all food was grown organically in concert with nature and surrounding ecosystems. This all changed with the Green Revolution, which sounds beneficial but actually describes the conversion of natural farming to one dependent on chemicals, fossil fuels and industry. “The Green Revolution led to oil revolution,” Living the Change added.


Technology Is Not The Answer

Many people are waiting for a new technological advancement to bail out the planet. But if technology could solve all of our problems, the film suggests, wouldn’t it have done so already?

Even green technology like solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars require fossil fuels at every stage of their production. “For these technologies to be part of the solution, those of us in the developed world need to drastically reduce our energy consumption.”


Unbeknownst to many, biofuels such as corn ethanol are not carbon neutral. In fact, they’re associated with a net increase in carbon dioxide emissions; they’re even worse than gasoline when the water need to grow corn is taken into account.

Organic, Regenerative Agriculture to the Rescue

The filmmakers traveled to New Zealand, where they spoke to the owners of Wairarapa Eco Farms — an example of agriculture done right. They explain, as most regenerative farmers do, that they’re in the business of creating healthy soils — basically creating a habitat for the microorganisms therein, which then lead to healthy plants that support healthy animals.

A key difference at their Eco Farm and other regenerative farms is the move away from growing annual crops like grains and moving toward perennial agriculture, which incorporates annuals along with trees and animals like pigs, sheep, cows, ducks and geese.


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