Liberals, Conservatives, and Many in Between Oppose Impossible and Dangerous Stipulations in the “Green New Deal” — Naomi Wolf, Bill O’Reilly, and More

By B.N. Frank

The Green New Deal has been getting a lot of criticism from both the political left and the right.

From the left, Naomi Wolf, who has an impressive résumé as a commentator: “The Green New Deal ASTONISHES – Vast $$ for VCs, ‘New Banks’, Fed Reserve, Nat’l ‘Smart Grid’, No Oversight”:

It’s NOT a draft bill — it’s 11 pages of a Google doc with shocking surprises. It assigns a vast “wartime footing” level amount of taxpayer money to private entities — VCs, the private Federal Reserve, “new banks” and any “financial instrument” the 15 members of the committee decide ‘appropriate.” It creates a national SMART GRID — which is terrible for human health and great for telecoms and surveillance. It gives the 15 committee members the right to not hold any public hearings about the “green new deal,” if they so choose. It creates loopholes that leave them free to not have normal term limits. It hands vast sums to air and ocean carbon capture, which is an experimental geoengineering tech for which silicon valley investors own IP. It states that the “green new deal” will be released on a website and a publication — not on govtrack, where public transparency is assured (and where we at DailyClout get our API). It transfers “unlimited” resources at the will of the 15 and their chosen partners in business, industry etc to groups defined by race, gender and rural-ness, thus violating the equal protections in our Constitution. It’s a shocking document.

Here’s the link to the actual document:

From the right, Bill O’Reilly, who also has an impressive résumé as a commentator:

(Ocasio-Cortez) has released her new Green Deal and without seeing it, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker  – they all signed on.  And then it comes out and she says we’re going to in the next 10 years we have to abolish 99% of all cars, get rid of all oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy.  Plus we’re going to tear down or gut every structure in America and re-build it with new green materials.  And then we’re also going to have to abolish all airplanes.

A few days ago, American Institute for Economic Research published an article titled, “The Nightmare Fairyland of the Green New Dealers.”  Excerpts include:

A variety of critics have pointed out that the potential financial costs if the government attempted to implement all of this would likely run into the tens of trillions of dollars, looking over the next few decades. Others have calculated that the possible environmental benefits in monetary terms between now and the end of the 21st century most likely would be way too small to justify the lost growth in the overall American economy. And still others have reminded people of the dangerous loss of personal freedom and decision-making that would result from shifting to the required government central planning if the Green New Deal were to be fully implemented.

Read through House Resolution 109, and not once do you find any reference to limits, scarcity, trade-offs, costs, or consumer choice and private-enterprise decision-making.

They admit at several points that there may be the constraints of what science and technology will allow to be physically achieved; but they also propose the necessary government funding for research and development so that even nature should not serve as an inescapable obstacle to Utopia. The government experts will surely know which technologies deserve support to meet the targets and goals laid out in the economy-wide encompassing green central plan.

Nor should there be any concern about the money for all this, because that is what taxing the rich and government borrowing are for; and last but certainly not least, the money to pay for it can always be created since that is what central banks are for.

Nightmare is right.  For one thing, expecting Americans to peacefully agree to elimination of 99% of cars is completely delusional.  And that’s just one of the many extreme stipulations written into The Green New Deal.

The “Smart” Grid and utility “Smart” Meters have already caused so much harm to every living entity on the planet.  This Green New Deal proposes even more harmful technology, electronic surveillance and control.

Most of us – young and old – want a better world.  Wanting this is always easy, whereas safely and intelligently achieving this is not.  A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article about a young inventor and his continued attempts to create technology that will safely rid the ocean of plastic.  His invention doesn’t work and critics say it’s unlikely to ever work in a way that is safe for the ocean environment.  Regardless, he persists and donors continue to send him money to fund his dream.

Like “The Ocean Cleanup” system, The Green New Deal is unlikely to ever work safely.  Why risk it when it would be easier – and safer – to take a moderate and realistic approach in making the world a better place.

To read the full text of The Green New Deal click HERE

For more information on the Smart Grid and utility “Smart” Meters, visit the following websites:

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