Children’s Smartwatch Recall Joins Long List of Wearables Recalls

By B.N. Frank


The European Commission has issued a recall for a popular smartwatch for children, citing “serious” privacy issues that could allow a bad actor to track or communicate with kids remotely.

The whole article is worth reading since it provides many examples of children’s wearables and IoT-connected toys where similar issues have also occurred.  For those not familiar with IoT or The Internet of Things, it has an almost 75% failure rate because it is so easily hacked.  This is why most security experts advise against using it on pretty much everything. only focused on privacy issues; however, most parents would likely want to know that in 2016, fast food chain McDonald’s issued a recall for children’s fitness trackers due to reports of skin irritation and BURNS. 

Burns, blistering, dizziness, fatigue, heart palpitations, literally being shocked, and various other unpleasant symptoms have all been reported many times by wearers of wearable devices.  There have been other recalls and Activist Post has reported about all of this before:

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Despite all of this, many doctors still seem to be oblivious to symptoms and illnesses associated with wearing these transmitting devices.  It’s also still legal for companies to manufacture, market, and sell these devices for children to wear.  Insane.

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