Australian Government Causing Death and Disability with Mandatory Vaccination Policies

By Judy Wilyman

Important information in this newsletter:
1)  A US CDC government medical expert confirms the causal link between vaccines and autism  (video 11 mins) by Sharyl Attkisson
2) Healthy Triplets All Autistic within Hours of Vaccination  (video 12 mins)
3) A US CDC scientist confirms the causal link between vaccines and autism was suppressed by the CDC and US government in the study that was published in 2004.(video 2 min)
4) Mary Holland JD, a human rights campaigner exposes the true story behind the media smearing of Andrew Wakefield’s research showing a link between MMR vaccine and autism. 

Welcome to the first newsletter for 2019. I started these newsletters in 2012 when the mainstream Australian media started presenting false and misleading information about my university research to the public. This was a result of the Australian Skeptics Inc lobby groups and their offshoot SAVN and the Friends of Science in Medicine – deceptively named well-funded lobby groups that are promoting pharma’s interests in government vaccination policies (astroturfing).

If this wasn’t the case in Australia then the government would not need to suppress my academic research from public debates and discussion and from court cases on vaccination. For those of you who have missed this suppression here is the conference that was held on the 30 June 2018 in Sydney titled ‘The Censorship of the Vaccination Debate in Australia’.

I would highly recommend that you listen to Elizabeth Hart’s presentation, Jamie McIntyre’s presentation and Judy Wilyman’s presentation to help you understand why the Australian government cannot allow the public to debate these health issues with the academic arguments.

This is because vaccination policies are not about promoting ‘health’ in the community they are about promoting vaccines (big business) in the community and this is why children’s health is significantly declining with the addition or every new vaccine that is recommended by the government.

The government doesn’t promote these policies with statistics on the improvements in children’s health that these policies will provide – because these statistics do not exist.

Instead you will notice that the mainstream media is trying to normalise the significant increase in chronic illnesses in children that were not present prior to the 1990s. These diseases are preventable with an academic debate on the number of vaccines that we use and the strategies used to control infectious diseases in the 1950s/’60s.

You will also notice that the government and medical research institutions are trying to blame every other cause for this increase in chronic illness – except vaccines. Vaccines are the most plausible cause for these diseases because they include environmental toxins that all children are exposed to. Yet the government has never investigated this direct correlation in long-term health studies that use an inert placebo. 

If this fact was not true then my PhD would not have been approved by the University of Wollongong and this fact represents a breach of the government’s duty of care to the Australian public.

This also explains why my expert witness report for a court case in December 2018 was leaked to the Australian media when Peter McIntyre (government representative) was drafted into the case, out of proceedings, to respond to my affidavit.

The leaking of my affidavit to the media with false information is a Commonwealth crime that is punishable with up to one year in prison.

This violation led to the mother’s lawyer informing her client that she would most likely lose custody of her four children if she took the vaccination issue to court regardless of the strength of the evidence. The mother could not risk losing her children so the hearing was cancelled.

This violation of due process has affected the independence of the Australian courts to make a decision on vaccination science.

Peter McIntyre is the former deputy/director (20 years) of the government’s national vaccine research centre (NCIRS) and it is NCIRS research on vaccine safety and efficacy, without independent assessment, that has been used to mandate 16 vaccines in the Australian government’s vaccination program – vaccines that most adults have never used and so were not necessary to control these diseases.

And Peter McIntyre has now been associated with a court case in which a Commonwealth crime has been committed to prevent a hearing on vaccination from proceeding. 

Similarly, the court case for Dr. John Piesse – the Australian medical practitioner who spoke up about his observations from 40 years experience that vaccines are causing death and disability (including autism) in some children – was never heard in court. 

I was engaged to be the expert witness in this court case for Dr. John Piesse in April 2018 but after submitting my affidavit this case that was investigating that evidence for the safety and efficacy of vaccines, was never heard in court. 

The Australian government and the pharma / medical lobby groups have been using the official channels to smear my university research with false and misleading information for the purpose of suppressing objective academic debate of vaccines in-order to promote vaccines to the community. These are drugs for healthy people.

The Evidence the Australian Government is Hiding from the Public

When Australian children die from vaccines (e.g. one-year-old boy in Perth 3 hours after receiving 6 vaccines July 2017 and an 18-month-old girl in NSW 5 days after receiving 7 vaccines at once) the 100% industry-funded government regulator the Therapeutic Goods Administrator (TGA) claims this is due to “hidden health problems”. This is the game of Russian roulette that the Australian government is playing with our children’s lives using false and misleading health information.

Hidden health problems exist in our genetic make-up and this is why doctors are required by their medical conduct guidelines to assess each individual according to their own particular circumstances and to ensure fully informed consent to this medical intervention. But the Australian government’s vaccination policies requiring ‘full vaccination’ with an arbitrary recommendation of 16 vaccines has violated the good medical practice guidelines established by the World Medical Association (WMA).

Recently a prominent scientist, Martin Gore (67) died suddenly after a routine vaccination. Total organ failure occurred after receiving the Yellow Fever vaccination recommended to travellers. These deaths are not being reported in the Australian media or linked to vaccines when they are reported.

In particular the science that is being suppressed by the Australian government is the causal like between autism and many other chronic illnesses and conditions occurring frequently in our children after vaccination. Here is the evidence that is being suppressed from the Australian public to allow pharmaceutical companies to market their vaccines in government policies:

1) A US CDC government medical expert confirms the causal link between vaccines and autism  (video 11 mins) by Sharyl Attkisson.
Sharyl Attkisson is a respected investigative journalist. Note that she has started this video with the government’s mantra -“vaccines have saved millions of lives and rarely they injure or kill” but then she goes on to provide overwhelming evidence of vaccines injuring and killing people and she does not provide any evidence to support the government’s mantra.  

2) A US CDC scientist confirms the link between vaccines and autism was suppressed by the CDC and US government in the study that was published in 2004. (video 2 mins)

3) Mary Holland JD, a human rights campaigner exposes the true story behind the media smearing of Andrew Wakefield’s research showing a link between MMR vaccine and autism.

4) Healthy Triplets All Autistic within Hours of Vaccination  (video 12 mins)

The question is how are governments globally claiming to be designing health policies that are “improving public health” when the reality is that we are observing an epidemic of chronic illness and autism in our children that did not exist prior to 1990?

Please look at the evidence and not the government/media spin on these policies because money has enabled the medical community and government to control the information that is presented in media debates and public discussion of vaccination.

If you are staying silent to protect your job then one day you will have to tell your children that you remained silent as children were killed and disabled with these mandatory government policies that are not based on evidence.

Judy Wilyman PhD
Bachelor of Science, University of NSW
Diploma of Education (Science), University of Wollongong
Master of Science (Population Health), Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Public Health, University of Wollongong.
PhD in A critical analysis of the Australian government’s rationale for its vaccination policy’  (the science, politics and ethics of Australia’s vaccination policies) , UOW School of Humanities and Social Inquiry.
Website Vaccination Decisions 

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