Is Huntington Bank Poking Fun at Tech in Their New Commercials?

By B.N. Frank

When used safely and in moderation, technology can and does make our lives better.  This is why I can’t help chuckling when I see the new Huntington Bank commercials.  They seem to be reminding us that using new technology isn’t always in our best interest in regard to our finances or anything else:

Earlier this year, Huntington Bank started airing a different commercial which also resonates.

Like all businesses, Huntington Bank is in the business of making money.  The fact remains that they are still taking a huge risk with these commercials because they are deliberately and obviously promoting less tech use.  This is not the norm.  Many businesses still prominently feature the unsafe use of devices in their marketing campaigns – even when they are not selling technology.  Many TV programs and films do the same.  This is normalizing the unsafe use of technology even when this has already been proven many times over to be hurting people, animals, and the environment

Thanks to Huntington Bank for rocking the boat.

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