Truthstream Media Covers Wireless Radiation Emitting Tesla Tower in Texas

By B.N. Frank

“If the general public doesn’t understand science and technology, then who is making all of the decisions about science and technology that are going to determine what kind of future our children live in, some members of congress? There are only a handful who have any background in science at all, and some of them don’t even want to know about it.” — Carl Sagan, May 27, 1996

All tools can be used to help or to harm.  A hammer can be used to build a house or crack a skull.  Wireless technology is a tool and many who have experienced car trouble will testify that having a cell phone literally served as a life saver.  Unfortunately, wireless technology has also been adapted, utilized and marketed in ways that are very harmful.  This is increasing at an alarmingly fast pace.  Truthstream Media provides more information about that in their latest video:  Tesla Technology Has Been Revived

How will technology revolutionize our world?

Will it empower individuals and free expression, or tighten the noose of the controllers? It seems that there is a constant paradox, an ebb and flow.

Such is the case with Nikola Tesla and his wireless energy tower – which he intended to use to broadcast free wireless energy around the world, combining electricity with communication and information. Instead, the powers that be stopped his plan then.

Today, in 2018, Tesla’s dream has been revived, and a company called Visiv swirling in the military industrial complex has erected a new tower with aims to test and someday broadcast wireless electricity to places close and remote around the world.

With respect to known military testing on the human nervous system, will it free the world, or further confine it? At this point, who can say… but it is a little strange, a little exciting and just a bit eerie that a new Tesla tower is up and running!

Like so many other inventors, Nikola Tesla’s intentions were good.  History has taught us though that we can’t depend on inventors to make sure their creations aren’t used to cause harm.  This has already happened with all sources of wireless technologyYou aren’t alone if you aren’t aware of or understand the implications of this – especially the current “Race for 5G” which includes the implementation of The Internet of Things (IoT) and “Smart Cities.”

In the U.S, state and federal legislation is being enforced that allows the installation of millions of 4G and 5G small cell towers all over the country – including in front of homesThis is happening despite widespread opposition and the fact that exposure to this technology already has caused and will cause more harm.  The enforcement of these campaigns is being fought by citizens, doctors, environmentalists and scientists all over the world.  Will you fight with us?

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