Trump Signs Bill to Further Protect Critical Infrastructure, Including Pandemic Delivery System

Op-Ed by Janet Phelan

It’s a sad day when protection equals assault, and when events such as the President signing H.R. 3359, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act of 2017, is heralded as protecting the nation when in fact this legislation further protects a system which will devastate the nation.

It has been a long standing modus operandi of the United States to disguise its most dangerous projects as protection. Following the events of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent anthrax attacks, the US Congress rushed to pass a massive piece of legislation which ended up putting us in exquisite danger. Embedded in the USA Patriot Act was Section 817, the Expansion of the Biological Weapons Statute, which gave the US government immunity from violating its own biological weapons laws.

The trail begins there. Because what is considered critical infrastructure also entails a bio-chem delivery system, involving a double line water system which has the capacity to selectively deliver toxins to predesignated targets. Blueprints and other documents published here and here lay out the nature of this covert delivery system.

With the passage into law of Section 817, Congress affirmed the right of the US government to deploy biological weapons with immunity.

Now, with Trump signing into law the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act, we see a similar caveat which again guts our ability to contest this law. According to the CISA law, there is no private right of action.

What this means is that citizens or citizen groups have no right or ability to contest this law.

CISA reorganizes the Department of Homeland Security’s National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) into a new agency and prioritizes its mission as the federal lead for cybersecurity and infrastructure protection. It establishes the new agency, Critical Infrastructure and Cyber Security Agency, on the same level as FEMA or the Secret Service.

According to F-Secure advisor Sean Sullivan and reported here, “The unanimous passage in the House reflects the seriousness involved – it’s beyond partisan politics.”

Indeed, the weaponization of critical infrastructure in general and of water systems in particular has been promoted through both Republican and Democrat presidencies. It appears that the project to reconfigure the country’s water systems was launched by President Nixon around the same time that Tricky Dick announced that the US was unilaterally abandoning its offensive biological weapons program. Shortly thereafter, the international treaty known as the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) came into force.

The BWC is largely a paper tiger, without verification or enforcement capabilities. It was under the tutelage of former UN Ambassador John Bolton, now National Security Advisor to President Trump, that the US delegation at the United Nations boycotted the suggested verification protocol, presented to the BWC in May of 2001, just months before the anthrax attacks. Due to this verification boycott, which was affirmed later by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her presentation to the BWC in 2011, there is at this juncture no possibility of international intervention with or oversight to any projects by the US government involving potentially dangerous biological weapons activities, including what is clearly a weaponized water delivery system.

It should be noted that Clinton refers to confidence measures in her presentation. In fact, the US’s engagement with the BWC mandates reporting any change in biological weapons activities, including changes in legislation, to the Convention at large. Did the US report the changes put into effect in Section 817 of the USA Patriot Act, changes which gave the US immunity from violating her own bioweapons laws? No, the US did not. According to BWC delegate Chris Park, the US simply “forgot” to report this radical and disturbing change.

The CISA legislation, by removing any right to private action, further circles the wagons around critical infrastructure and cements the US’s ability to covertly deploy through water, which is defined as critical infrastructure, any biological or chemical agent and claim not only immunity but also deny any legal right to protest this through the legal system. Given the covert nature of this delivery system, it is to be expected that the US would claim that the resultant mass deaths to be attributable to a naturally occurring pandemic.

Janet Phelan is an investigative journalist and author of the groundbreaking exposé, EXILE. Her articles previously appeared in such mainstream venues as the Los Angeles Times, Orange Coast Magazine, Long Beach Press Telegram, etc. In 2004, Janet “jumped ship” and now exclusively writes for independent media. She is also the author of two collections of poetry—The Hitler Poems and Held Captive. She resides abroad. You can follow her on Facebook here:

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