The FDA Was Wrong About Opioids And MUCH MORE. Now They Say Don’t Worry About Cell Phone Radiation When Other Researchers Say We Should.

By B.N. Frank

A quick online search reveals that the FDA has made A LOT of mistakes over the years.  This is not an exaggerationWikipedia link, Criticism of the Food and Drug Administration , is astonishing as well as horrifying.  Many have also pointed fingers at the FDA for playing a role in the Opioid Crisis, too – including former director, Dr. David Kessler.   

“FDA has responsibility, the pharmaceutical companies have responsibility, physicians have responsibility. We didn’t see these drugs for what they truly are,” Dr. Kessler said.

Additional FDA lambasting includes:

Last week U.S. governmentfunded National Toxicology Program (NTP) research on cell phone radiation revealed that exposure definitely causes cancer.

This wasn’t unexpected by many (probably even insurance companies) because

  1. Decades of research have already proven that exposure to all sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation was harmful in ways other than cancer risk.
  2. In 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO) classified it as a “Possible Carcinogen” in the same category as engine exhaust, lead, and chloroform.
  3. More research was conducted since then which also proved that exposure to all sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation are harmful and in ways other than cancer risk.

Regardless, the FDA’s Jeffrey Shuren is still blowing off these latest research results.  Coincidentally a petition had been posted over 2 years ago demanding his removal. 

Other researchers don’t agree with the Jeffrey or the FDA position:

  1. National Toxicology Program Publishes Final Cell Phone Radiation Study Reports
  2. Cell Phone Radiation Leads to Cancer, Says U.S. NTP in Final Report
  3. Statement by Ronald Melnick PhD on the National Toxicology Program Final Reports on Cell Phone Radiation
  4. Clear Evidence of Cancer” from Cell Phone Radiation: U.S. National Toxicology Program Releases Final Report on Animal Study

Besides cancer risk – there’s been much news reported about Silicon Valley parents freaking out about their own kids’ use and exposure to technology.  Think they care what The FDA has to say?

Regardless, The FDA seems to understand that cell phone radiation exposure isn’t completely harmless.  Montgomery County, MD records show that the FDA rejected a provider’s request to place a cell tower one of its locations due to concerns about the radiation’s adverse impacts upon the FDA’s testing of sensitive medical devices like pacemakers.  (pages 66 – 69)  Interestingly enough, research has also proven that radiation exposure affects the heart – so this makes sense, doesn’t it.

The FDA also recently approved the sale of a prescription for excessive armpit sweating and the side effects are pretty scary.  Why does this matter?  If you weren’t already aware, federal legislation has been passed to install 4G and 5G small cell towers and infrastructure above ground and below all over the country – including in front of homes – for the “Race for 5G” and “Smart Cities.”  One of the side effects of 5G exposure is excessive sweating. 

Recent news reports claim that President Trump endorses and loves 5G – despite the fact that many Americans do not and continue fighting it from being installed in their neighborhoods and communities.

Regardless – like everybody else – because of this legislation the FDA will have a really hard time preventing cell towers from being installed near their facilities regardless of their need to do more research which may or may not result in them actually warning the public.

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