Mad About Your High Utility Bills and “Smart Meters?” Group Analyzes Campaign Contributions By Utility PACs and Executives. Hello Gov’nor!

By B.N. Frank

Activist Post has previously highlighted analysis provided before in re political contributions made by Telecom companies.  This recent article from the Energy and Policy Institute is too wonderful not to share:  “Analysis:  How Electric Utilities and Their Executives Contributed in 9 Governor Races.  Utilities Bet on Republicans in Some Close Races, Hedge on Others.”

The Energy and Policy Institute analyzed various utilities’ campaign contributions aimed at gubernatorial elections in nine states: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, and Wisconsin. In several of these states with elected utility commissioners, EPI also highlighted how utility companies tried to influence the outcome of the elections of their future regulators.

EPI has also tracked how the utility industry has contributed to the Republican Governors Association and Democratic Governors Association, which are political organizations that must report their donors to the Internal Revenue Service.

Why does this matter besides the fact that your utility bills seem too high?  It’s likely that you have utility “Smart” Meters for your gas, electric and water since millions have been installed in the U.S. and all over the world.  They have such a bad reputation that many utility companies are referring to them as other names to confuse customers when they call to complain.  They have even been the subject of lawsuits.

Regardless of what anyone calls them, they are horrible products that cause so many problems including fires, explosions, measurement errors/inflated bills, malfunctioning appliances, cybersecurity issues, and adverse health effects in people and animals.  They also violate our right to privacy. This has all been reported many times over by citizens, doctors, elected officials, consumer organizations, environmental organizations, scientists, and more including a film documentarian.

Many people in the U.S. and around the world have fought for the right to NOT have utility “Smart” Meters installed on their homes, businesses, and throughout their communities.  Regardless, many still don’t have the right to refuse them or they have to pay expensive “opt out” fees to have them replaced with analog meters.  Think that has anything to do with political contributions?

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