It’s Time To Rethink What We’ve Been Proselytized Into Accepting About Weather Change And Ask Why No Investigation Is Given Regarding Weather Geoengineering As Part Of UN’s Agenda 21

Op-Ed by Catherine J. Frompovich

Everyone complains about the weather, but no one can control it.

You wanna bet?

Weather patterns in 2018 have hit the probable “high water mark” in more ways than one!

The current ‘wild’ fires, plaguing the State of California, have prompted numerous readers to contact me with documentation regarding how there apparently is more to these horrendous Armageddon-Apocalyptictype,blame on Mother Nature” anomalies than weather forecasters are permitted to divulge, or lose their jobs; the corporate-controlled media are allowed to cover and report;  and gullible ‘sheeple’ are willing to accept!

The spate of ‘wild’ and “forest” fires in California in 2018 has reached critical mass, so “moonbeam” Governor Jerry Brown has to step up to the plate and demand a Congressional investigation into what’s going on, rather than just asking for federal disaster funding!

Too many casualties have occurred from the various fires: Hundreds of lives lost; thousands of homes and business properties destroyed; towns like Paradise burned away; pets and wildlife destruction; and an ecological disaster impacting California for decades to come.   Without trees, California’s smog problem becomes even worse, while burned-out terrain will become mud slides where no one can rebuild.

The horse below was smart enough to jump into a swimming pool to save itself from being burned alive.

Not all animals had such resources available to them.


Now to information circulating regarding the California Infernos

Operation Torch California is a very real ongoing black operation being conducted by the U.S. Intelligence Community in collusion with Operation Gladio. These false flag terrorist attacks are first and foremost a highly sophisticated psyop. They have many goals.  And they will continue until California has been completely subjugated by the globalists. — Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

(Source)[CJF emphasis]

Governor Brown, the above should be your definitive jump off point for demanding a Congressional investigation, which Californians are entitled to after six years of programmed drought and now a year of fires decimating the premiere fresh-food-growing state during winter in the USA!  Is famine next?

Image Source: EcoWatch

If you need more information, check out this: “CALIFORNIA FIRESTORMS GEOENGINEERED: Here’s why and who’s doing it.”

Surely, you cannot be that dumb not to realize there’s “Relentless Chemtrail Spraying and HAARP-manufactured weather events radically alter[ing] California’s climate.”

On the other hand, are you, Governor Brown, a Globalist Governor using FIREGEDDON to push fraudulent climate change legislation in order to comply with the UN Agenda 21 and 2030 for ‘sustainable’ development?

Alexandra Bruce of Forbidden Knowledge TV in her narrative says,

The chemtrails are said to contain aluminum oxide derived from coal fly ash, which has purposefully dried-out the vegetation in the Southwestern US into so much kindling. He says these fires don’t behave like natural wildfires and claims that skilled arsonists have been deployed to start them, some using flame-throwing drones, Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) mounted on military planes and also on satellites (!)

Arsonists?  Really!  Read this.

Alexandra provides some ‘pregnant thoughts’ to consider:

“While most of last year’s California fires remain under investigation, PG&E has been declared responsible for the wine country fires. In late September of this year, Governor Jerry Brown signed a measure that would allow PG&E to bill their customers for any future settlements, in order to prevent the utility from going bankrupt. This is a multi-billion-dollar bailout, along the lines of Wall Street in 2008. (Does anyone still want to live in California?)”

One concerned reader emailed me this:

Apparently PG&E is facing financial difficulties, including bankruptcy, due to the possibility that its equipment sparked wildfires in California.  Last year, I had seen allegations on the internet that PG&E had a role in starting fires.  To quote “(Bloomberg) — California’s biggest utility was plunged into full-blown crisis by the possibility that its equipment sparked one of the catastrophic wildfires ravaging the state.”  Not surprisingly, the article did not give details of the equipment failures (probably smart meters and/or the smart meter infrastructure in my opinion). see

Smart meters!  I’ve had emails about them, too, since they are notorious for causing fires and/or exploding.  However, one question that may cross some consumers’ minds is, “Could SMs have been used as part of the Agenda 21 implementation in the first place?”

Agenda 21 SMART METERS. An urgent warning from America — Deborah Tavaras
6:43 minutes 

Then, this email came from Dane Wigington of Geoengineering

Time-lapse video (30 seconds) clearly shows massive climate engineering spraying operations occurring directly over the “Camp Fire” smoke in Northern California.

Climate Engineering Assault Over Deadly “Camp Fire” In Northern California

Here’s a very brief explanation from The John Birch Society, who has encapsulated Agenda 21 extremely accurately in its 34 second video.

This United Nations program lays out a comprehensive plan of sustainable development locally, nationally, and globally in every area where humans affect the environment. Basically it’s the UN’s plan to establish control over all human activity, including man’s reputed contribution to climate change. The UN is at the hub of a global network working to submerge the independence of all nations in a world government controlled by the elites, and JBS calls for the U.S. to get out of the U.N[The John Birch Society]

I could go on with more “connect-the-dots” information about California’s climate change, but I think readers get the idea that this is a man-made catastrophe which apathetic consumers, voters, and politicians, who are into the New World Order climate conspiracy, have bought into and accepted as “normal,” in my opinion.

But here’s the counterpart to the California climate / firestorm enigmas

Here on the East Coast, where I live—suburban Philadelphia—we have had nothing but rain, torrential rain, and more deluging rain almost every day since early this year in springtime!  Right now, as I write this, we are experiencing a probably “nucleated snow storm,” which is to convert into freezing rain and then all rain later in the event.

Almost daily, we live under dark, depressing blanket-like cloud cover that does not permit sunlight—blessed sunlight—from shining down on this region.  It is my opinion, the weather geoengineers spray chemtrails, as they did profusely yesterday, to ‘hide’ the scalar clouds they can direct overhead without our seeing them and dump tremendous wet weather upon our region, whereas they deprive California of the rain it so desperately needs.

Folks, Mother Nature does not  act like that!  Nature is forgiving; remember how she brings the grass back to a green life after it’s been burned by the summer sun and very little rain.

These people who are involved at any level of weather geoengineering and/or climate control must be exposed and prosecuted for crimes against humanity, Nature and the world!

However, there’s an unrealized high level “cost effect” no one considers with weather geoengineering, and that is the amount of stress and Seasonal Affective Disorder such manipulation of the weather causes, especially the horrible chemicals, heavy metals, viruses, and mind control elements found in rain water assays.

This website lists chemtrails contents/ingredients; the short term effects of chemtrails; and the long term effects of chemtrails.

The costs of healthcare will explode exponentially, especially from all the toxins in the fire smoke clouds, which obscure the sun further, Californians and others across the USA and around the world are forced to breathe.

It’s time to wake up and demand, “What are the One World Controllers spraying on us, like we are bugs?”

May I suggest your asking Members of Congress, especially the new Democratic House of Representatives, when they will hold hearings on climate/weather geoengineering, Agenda 21 and 30.

Here’s the link to contact Congress and State legislators.


Weather As A Force Multiplier: Owning The Weather In 2025
by USAF Air University, Air Command and Staff College

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

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