Reader’s Digest on How Cell Phones, CFL and LED Light Bulbs, and Other Devices Can Age Your Skin Faster

By B.N. Frank

Many people don’t mind getting older as much as they mind looking older.  Reader’s Digest article “Warning, Cell Phone Addicts: Your Phone Is Aging Your Skin,” focuses on how exposure to blue light or high-energy visible light (HEV) can cause involuntary and unwelcome premature aging:

Beyond the sun, other sources of HEV or blue light include fluorescent and LED lighting, flat-screen televisions, computers screens, tablets, smartphones, and other digital devices—all things we’re exposing ourselves to more regularly.


A 2008 study suggests that this wavelength of light is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, like ultraviolet light, making it potentially even more invasive. “The consequences include premature aging, wrinkling, and pigmentation of the skin (sun spots and melasma),” says Dr. Fromowitz. “But, there is currently no link between skin cancer from such exposure.”

But it’s not just blue light exposure that can affect skin.  Most people don’t think about how much radiation is emitted from cell phones, cordless landline phones, and other devices.  It’s pretty horrifying to think that many people hold these devices near their faces and their children’s faces.

Research has proven that all sources of cell phone and WiFi radiation disrupt the blood-brain barrier which can cause it to leak.  Imagine what that’s doing to your epidermis and collagen!  In 2013, Dr. Oz asked women to stop carrying their cell phones in their bras because of how radiation can increase cancer risk.  All that pulsing has got to be affecting perkiness, too, right?

Research has also confirmed that exposure can cause bacteria to become antibiotic resistant. So if you have any skin boo-boos, band-aids and sunscreen may not be enough for a quick and complete recovery.

Not only do many people mind looking older – they also mind feeling older.  In regard to cell phones, etc. causing pre-mature aging, we published an article that focused on how exposure to radiation and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) being the culprit of aging our whole bodies faster – not just our skin!  Aaahhhh!

Activist Post has also already published some articles about blue light also being found responsible for poor eye health including macular degeneration and blindness.  We’ve also published some articles about CFL and LED light bulbs and how they create “Dirty Electricity” which can cause or worsen many health conditions in addition to affecting skin and eyes.

Cell phone manufacturers have already warned shareholders that they may eventually become liable for harm caused by their products.  Insurance companies don’t seem to be interested in doing business anymore with “Big Wireless” either.  There’s too much research that’s already proven it can be harmful.

On a side note – studies have also shown that cell phones are 10X dirtier than a toilet seat.  How’s that affecting your youthful glow?

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