#4 on PROJECT CENSORED’s Top 25 List: “How Big Wireless Convinced Us Cell Phones and Wi-Fi are Safe”

By B.N. Frank

Activist Post and many others have already reported about The Nation’s February 2018 article, “How Big Wireless Convinced Us Cell Phones and Wi-Fi are Safe.”  It received so much attention that there were follow-up interviews with Mark Hertsgaard by Democracy Now and NPR.


Lack of definitive proof that a technology is harmful does not mean the technology is safe, yet the wireless industry has succeeded in selling this logical fallacy to the world . . . The upshot is that, over the past 30 years, billions of people around the world have been subjected to a massive public-health experiment: Use a cell phone today, find out later if it causes cancer or genetic damage. Meanwhile, the wireless industry has obstructed a full and fair understanding of the current science, aided by government agencies that have prioritized commercial interests over human health and news organizations that have failed to inform the public about what the scientific community really thinks. In other words, this public-health experiment has been conducted without the informed consent of its subjects, even as the industry keeps its thumb on the scale.  The stakes of this public-health experiment continue to rise with the increasing prevalence of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies as well as the development of the “Internet of Things” and anticipated 5G wireless networks.

We’re pleased as punch that the article is getting additional attention now from Project Censored because it also addresses the health risks of 5G wireless technology and the marketing of the “Race for 5G.”

This “race” continues to be pushed by many elected officials, government employees and agencies, as well as Big Wireless despite widespread opposition and protest, complaints where it’s been installed, legal action filed and threatened regarding future installation, and multiple televised news stories.  Even Dr. Oz featured a segment about it on his show in February.

The “Race for 5G” now also includes federal legislation allotting $2B to Big Wireless to install small cell towers and related micro wireless infrastructure pretty much everywhere – in front of homes, in public rights of ways, etc.  If this isn’t stopped, there will eventually be no way to escape exposure from it in the U.S.  Reducing our personal use of cell phones and other wireless devices definitely has health benefits.  But it won’t be enough to protect us and our loved ones if the “Race to 5G” is allowed to continue.

Part 1:  https://www.democracynow.org/2018/4/5/how_the_wireless_industry_convinced_the#transcript

Part 2:  https://www.democracynow.org/2018/4/5/how_big_wireless_war_gamed_the

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