Not Healthy for Man’s Best Friend: Dog Collars and Leashes with LED Lights

By B.N. Frank

Pet People recently sent out emails to subscribers promoting LED Gear:  NiteIze brand Nightowl LED Safety necklaces and “Niteyleashes.” Their intentions are good – these products are not.

Stay Safe & Visible with Light Up Wear

As daylight hours shorten and the nights cool down, it’s important to stay visible when going outside. A great place to start is with a light up leash or necklace in bright LED!

CFL and LED lights emit Dirty Electricity and exposure to this is harmful to people, animals, and nature.

Activist Post has already covered this topic many times.

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Sources of blue light – like screens – are also harmful so it’s best to keep them a safe distance from your pets:

  • Blinded by The Artificial Light Part Deux: New Research Determines Blue Light from Screens Can Lead to Macular Degeneration and Blindness

Exposure to cell phone and WiFi radiation are also harmful to people, animals and nature.  Keep that in mind as well when using your devices around your pets:

For more information, visit the following websites:

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