More TV News Coverage About Duke Energy AMI “Smart” Meters Making Customers Sick

By B.N. Frank

In 2010, Duke Energy started installing millions of AMI “Smart” Meters in 6 states.  Since then they have also fought for the right to continue refusing customer requests to either not install them at all or to remove them – even when customers have provided medical statements.  Activist Post has reported about this many times already (see list below).

Duke Energy seems to now be in the process of replacing all original AMI “Smart” Meters due to deterioration and obsolescence.  Regardless, they are replacing them with AMI “Smart” Meters again.  They are also installing even more of them in some states and making it impossible and/or expensive for customers to refuse them – even when they provide medical statements.

Recently, there has been much press coverage in North Carolina about residents who don’t want Duke “Smart” Meters.  Activist website, RaleighES, has also been posting updates about this as well.

On October 1 on ABC11, North Carolina radiologist Dr. Larry Burk weighed in about adverse health effects from exposure to “Smart” Meters:

Burk began studying electromagnetic fields in the 1980s. He says there is almost no research on smart meters but they use frequencies similar to cell phones and can have a negative impact on people with conditions like electro-hypersensitivity, or EHS.

“Certainly if you’ve got EHS I would recommend opting out, if you’ve got a chronic disease I would consider it, if you’re normal, normal meaning healthy, it’s up to you,” he said.

On September 27, News 13 reported again about concerns regarding health effects associated with “Smart” Meters.  A North Carolina Registered Nurse, Mary Anne Tierney, weighed in:

Tierney, who’s a registered nurse, argues the FCC’s guidelines were set in 1996.

“That predates, WI-FI, it predates all these other devices, except cell phones,” said Tierney.

Tierney is so concerned about the RF, she asked News 13 to switch out our wireless microphone for a wired one. Tierney also points to a study by the National Toxicology Program in Research Triangle Rark, which looks at cell phone RF radiation and tumors in rats, among other studies that classify RF radiation as possibly carcinogenic, or cancer-causing, to humans.

“The international agency for research on cancer will reconvene in 2019, and they will look at these two newer animal studies that are very strong,” said Tierney.


“We see most often sleep disturbances, anxiety and agitation, headaches, migraines, ringing in the ears, dizziness, balance problems,” said Tierney.

The North Carolina Utility Commission insisted Duke Energy Carolina make an exception, allowing those with a notarized doctor’s excuse an opt-out without fees. Duke Energy Progress has not considered this an option.


For Tierney, it’s the cumulative effect that worries her, all the different items around you putting off RF signals, from your cell phone to WI-FI to the utility meter. Until more studies can be done, she’s taking the precautionary approach.

“When there isn’t scientific consensus and yet there is an abundance of literature pointing to serious effects, it’s better to be safe,” said Tierney.

For more details about the 1996 FCC guidelines referred to by Ms. Tierney, click here.

It’s not just Duke Energy customers who don’t want “Smart” Meters.  There are organized efforts from all over the world because so many people are concerned about exposure and don’t want these meters for various reasons including fire risk.  In 2013, there was a documentary produced – Take Back Your Power – which covered all the problems and concerns associated with these meters.  It was updated within the last year and is now free to view online, which you can watch in full below.

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