EMF Conference Includes Updated Findings by NIH, IEEE and More. Videos Available Featuring Expert Testimony.

By B.N. Frank

Many aren’t aware that for decades already, U.S. agencies have agreed that no threshold of radiation exposure is risk-free.  Decades of research supports this on both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.  It has affected the way insurance companies do business.

Technology Safety Educator and activist, Cece Doucette provided a detailed summary of what took place at the recent EMF Conference and why immediate public awareness and action is necessary.

There are 11 presentations (less than 10 minutes each) available for viewing online from the event.  The experts on the panel include:

  • Martin Pall who provided scientific reviews of the EMF/EMR biological harm and the urgent need to stop 5G
  • Retired Microsoft Canada President Frank Clegg who discussed how the industry can do better
  • Environmental Health Trust Executive Director Theodora Scarato who discussed the need to protect everyone – especially children
  • Clear Light Ventures CEO Peter Sullivan who discussed safe technology solutions

Excerpts from Ms. Doucette’s summary:

Our world scientists are indicating today’s electrosmog is bringing the worst public health crisis technologically advanced nations have ever seen.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is preparing to release the final report on the $25M National Toxicology Program study in which the unprecedented three-day peer review concluded cell phone radiofrequency radiation is a clear carcinogen.

Even the IEEE, which helped form the untested thermal-based FCC public radiation exposure limits in the 1990s, is conceding wireless technology is hazardous at the non-thermal level. See their cancer article in the September/October 2018 issue of IEEE Microwave Magazine.

Public policy will take time to catch up to the science, it could be decades, but the harm is happening right now so we cannot afford to wait for new laws to protect us.

As a Harvard report indicates, very few know wireless technology is hazardous as the credible science showing harm has been suppressed from the public in big tobacco fashion. We’re not yet getting this information from mainstream media, which has conflicts of interest with industry advertising revenue.

Future harm can be avoided with safe hard-wired devices indoors, and infrastructure that brings cable/copper/fiber-optics to the premises instead of wireless radiation antennas mounted outside or in sky-based satellites. When we’re on the go, we can learn to use mobile devices sparingly, away from our bodies in active mode, and in airplane mode when not in use.

Also provided are links for half-hour online courses from the non-profit Wireless Education that can be used to quickly train families, communities, schools and workplaces on the risks and how to use technology safely as well as webpages for schools, municipal leaders, and legislators.

Activist Post has reported many times about harm from exposure to sources of EMF – “Dirty Electricity,” “Electrosmog,” cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation.  In some parts of the world, governments have been taking a precautionary approach to new technology.  They’ve also been encouraging citizens to reduce their own exposure and especially their children’s.

The exact opposite has been happening in the U.S and this isn’t new to the Trump administration.  Instead of correcting this, the exact opposite is actually being mandated through state and federal legislation though the “Race for 5G” and the implementation of “Smart Cities.”  These campaigns allow millions of small cell towers and related wireless infrastructure to be installed in front of homes and everywhere else.  This is making a bad situation much worse.

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