Derrick Broze Educates City of Houston on 5G Tech #2

By The Conscious Resistance

On Tuesday October 23, Derrick Broze spoke to Houston City Council and Mayor Sylvester Turner about the dangers behind 5G Technology.

On Monday October 1st, Sacramento, Houston, Indianapolis and Los Angeles became the first cities to gain access to Verizon’s 5G Wireless service. City leaders in Houston celebrated their first place position as the key to future economic and cultural advancement via the 5G technology and the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). However, officials in Washington D.C. and Michigan have been raising alarm bells about the untested technology.

Why is the City of Houston leadership ignoring these concerns?

In early October, the Washington DC Advisory Neighborhood Commissions issued a resolution (…) that brings health concerns to the forefront. Rather than “winning the global race to 5G,” ANC 3/4G considers the protection of residents’ health and welfare to be the District’s highest priority — not simply making installations cheaper and easier. From the resolution:

Instead of racing pell-mell to authorize small cell installations without any reliable basis for finding that they are safe, the District should oppose this federal imposition until scientific data shows that it will have no serious adverse consequences for District residents. We should not willingly participate in this population-wide experiment that could have catastrophic consequences.

Meanwhile in Michigan, State Senator Patrick Colbert recently spoke out (…) against the unprecedented roll out this new, untested technology. “Depending on how the IoT is deployed can therefore also pose significant new risks to public health, personal privacy, and national security. A robust and responsible analysis of both the benefits and risks associated with the IoT is therefore warranted,” Senator Colbert wrote. “If we ignore these risks, the consequences include the loss of life and personal liberty. Alternatively, if we sensationalize these risks beyond the confines of reasonable evidence, we face these very same consequences as no one responsible for public policy will take such risks seriously.”

Dr. Sharon Goldberg, a Medical Doctor certified in internal health, also testified to the Michigan State Senate (…) regarding her concerns about the 5G roll out. “The CDC needs to start measuring how much radiation people are exposed to,” Goldberg stated.

What is our exposure in a day? It’s not one cell phone. It’s cellphones, multiple wireless networks, smart meters, cell towers – it’s a sandwich (of radiation) and it all adds up.

This is a serious problem for occupational health, public safety, and personal safety. I feel it is irresponsible to be even talking about the internet of things, and rolling out a new untested technology when we are not even measuring what our current exposures from the current networks.

The City of Houston and health officials need to hold a public hearing on this technology and put the brakes on the roll out until further studies are conducted and the people of Houston have a chance to voice their concerns.

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